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5 Homemade Hair Spa Packs For Dry Hair


Homemade spa can work amazingly for your dry and damaged hair. You can cleanse, steam and nourish your hair with these homemade packs. Temperature changes and pollution can damage our hair irreparably. Hair tends to get dry and damaged if not taken care of on time. You need to protect your hair and save itself from getting excessively dry. Hair spa packs can help you to reduce damaged and dry hair. Your hair stays beautiful and strong. Homemade hair spa masks are inexpensive, help in nourishing the hair and help in conditioning the hair. Hair looks healthy and bouncier.

Here Are 5 Easy Homemade Hair Spa Packs For Dry Hair

1. Almond Oil And Olive Oil Massage Pack

Almond oil along with olive oil makes a great massage pack for spa at home. You need to warm two tablespoons of olive oil and almond oil and mix well. Apply the oil pack on your hair.  Ensure that all hair strands are well coated. Massage lightly for three to five minutes so that all strands are coated well. Now dip a cotton fabric in hot water. Carefully squeeze out the excess water and wrap your oiled hair with the cloth. This hair pack will be effective in steaming your hair. You can then rinse your hair using a mild shampoo. Rinse well.


2. Honey And Milk Pack

This is a nourishing hair spa pack which helps in reducing hair damage and encourages hair regrowth. It makes the scalp healthy and helps to retain moisture. To prepare the mask, you need to mix two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of milk. Mix to get an even paste. You can apply the pack on your hair. Massage well. Let your hair soak in the nourishing mask for ten minutes at least. You can then rinse your hair using a mild shampoo. Your hair shall feel soft and nourished.


3. Banana Pack

This pack makes a perfect hair spa, especially for those who are troubled due to excessive dry and damaged hair with rough ends. To prepare the pack, you need one whole ripe banana, two tablespoons avocado pack, one tablespoon honey, a few minutes and one tablespoon neem paste. Mix all the ingredients in a blender. When you have a smooth paste, apply the pack on your hair. Let the pack remain for thirty minutes. You can massage gently for some time so that the pack is well absorbed in your hair. Rinse using a mild shampoo.


4. Beer Pack

Conditioning is an important part of hair spa. This beer pack is the solution for dry, rough and damaged hair conditioning. It is especially beneficial for those who have dry hair problems. You need one whole cup of beer and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Give the mixture a good stir. Once you have washed your hair you can apply this beer pack on your hair. Massage the conditioning pack for ten minutes and you can then rinse your hair. You will love your soft and bouncy hair.


5. Egg Honey Pack

This hair spa pack will conceal all the nourishment you have provided. You need to mix two whole eggs, one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix the ingredients well. If your hair is excessively damaged or dry, you can add one tablespoon of olive oil. This will keep your hair nourished and soft. Let the pack remain for thirty minutes and wash off using a mild shampoo.