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5 Homemade Oil And Curd Packs For Managing Limp, Rough Unhealthy Hair

Rough, dry and unmanageable hair means lack of nourishment and care along with an unbalanced diet. Along with bringing changes in your diet, you need to take care of your hair too, so that it gets back its natural health, softness and bounce. Oil and curd are the two main ingredients which help in taking care of limp and dry hair. The ingredients combine to naturally nourish the scalp, makes hair soft and nourishes hair internally. In case your hair is excessively damaged and you are not able to get back to your original soft and smooth tresses, you need to immediately start using these homemade packs which will soften your hair and improve their health.

Here Are 5 Homemade Oil and Curd Packs For Managing Limp, Rough Unhealthy Hair:

1. Almond Oil, Curd and Honey Pack:

Almond oil is rich in hair nourishing vitamins which strengthen the roots, cleanses scalp, and adds natural bounce to the hair. Curd helps in improving the texture while honey keeps your tresses moisturized and hydrated, which helps in improving their health. To prepare the pack, you need four tablespoons of curd, two tablespoons of honey and five to six tablespoons of almond oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply the pack on your hair. Massage gently and let the pack remain for two hours at least. You can later wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will have a natural shine and bounce.

Almond Oil, Curd and Honey Pack

2. Eggs, Curd and Olive Oil Pack:

Olive oil and eggs are excellent for the hair, as they help in not just softening the strands but also help in managing limp and rough hair. Olive oil and curd work as a hydrating ingredient and nourish the scalp. Excessive dryness of the scalp is reduced which helps in ensuring healthy hair regrowth. You need to beat three eggs, till you have a frothy and smooth consistency. Add two tablespoons of curd and three tablespoons of olive oil. Mix the pack well till all ingredients are well combined and you have a smooth consistency. Use a brush to apply the pack on your hair. Massage gently and leave it for an hour. Wash off using a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner. Your hair will be soft, bouncy and healthy in a short time.

Eggs, Curd and Olive Oil Pack

3. Coconut Oil, Curd and Mayonnaise Pack:

This is one of the most recommended packs for dry, rough and unhealthy limp hair. The goodness of mayonnaise helps in slowly reducing the dullness and limpness while coconut oil works to hydrate and nourish the scalp. To prepare this magical pack, you need four tablespoons of mayonnaise and five tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix both the ingredients and add two tablespoons of curd. Mix again till the ingredients are combined. Damp your hair and apply the pack. Use your hands to massage your hair so that the pack is able to coat all your strands. Use a shower cap and let the pack dry. You can rinse your hair with a gentle shampoo. Use this pack at least thrice a week and you will see the difference in your hair quality in a short time.

Coconut Oil, Curd and Mayonnaise Pack

4. Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Curd and Aloe Vera Pack:

Aloe Vera is one of those rare ingredients which is beneficial for hair and skin equally. It takes care of a number of hair problems like dullness, roughness, limp hair, dry scalp and unhealthy hair. You need three tablespoons aloe vera gel, prepared into a fine paste. To this, you need to add three tablespoons of warm coconut oil and five tablespoons of almond oil. You can increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients as per the length of your hair. Mix and apply the pack on your scalp and hair. Let the pack remain for thirty minutes and rinse off. Apply this pack two times in a week and the condition of your hair shall improve remarkably.

Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Curd and Aloe Vera Pack

5. Olive Oil, Bananas and Curd Pack:

Bananas are one of the most effective ingredients to reduce the dullness and dry look of hair. They are rich in proteins and minerals which add softness and bounce to any kind of hair. You need to blend one whole medium size banana so that you have a smooth paste, without any lumps. To this add four tablespoons each of curd and olive oil. Blend again so that all the ingredients are well combined. You can now use a brush and apply this pack on your hair. Massage in a circular motion so that your hair feels gentle and soft. Rinse your hair well after an hour. Use this pack three times in a week, if you are facing severe hair problems.

Olive Oil, Bananas and Curd Pack