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5 Homemade Papaya Face Masks For Glowing And Bright Skin

Papaya is beneficial for skin for its antioxidant properties and its richness in a number of vitamins. Papaya application helps in skin lightening, helps in removing dark spots, reduces skin blemishes and also helps in improving skin elasticity. Papaya also contains papain which is an enzyme which helps in removing dead skin which in turn help to get a healthy, bright and glowing skin.

Here Are Best Homemade Papaya Face Masks For Glowing Skin

1. Egg White Papaya Mask

Egg whites and papaya help in tightening pores and also in controlling sebum production. Egg whites are just perfect for those who suffer from oily skin related dullness. Those who have extremely dry skin benefit with egg yolk application. In a small bowl, you need to mix one egg with half a cup of raw papaya pulp. Mix well and apply this on your skin. Let it remain for twenty minutes before you wash it off. This pack will help in controlling excess oil production, is known to be effective in reducing pimples and gives the skin a firm and youthful look.

Egg White Papaya Mask

2. Turmeric And Papaya Mask

Turmeric is good for the skin as it helps in skin lightening and removes dead skin cells. In a bowl, you need two or three tablespoons of papaya pulp. You can grind a fresh turmeric and add one teaspoon of it in the bowl. Mix the ingredients well. You can then apply this mask on your skin. Let the mask dry before you wash it off. This mask brings an instant freshness and glow to your skin.

Turmeric And Papaya Mask

3. Papaya Yogurt Mask

Yogurt is known for its skin lightening properties. It adds a unique glow and freshness to the skin. It also helps in making your skin soft and smooth. Papaya will help in maintaining skin elasticity and help in reducing marks and blemishes. To prepare the mask, in a small bowl, you will need three tablespoons of raw papaya in a thick paste form. You need to add two tablespoons of yogurt. Mix well. You will need a thin consistency for this mask. You can apply this mask all over your face and skin. Let it dry completely before you wash it off.

Papaya Yogurt Mask

4. Banana, Papaya And Cucumber Mask

One of the best masks which helps in exfoliating the skin and also helps in stimulating circulation. Regular application of the mask helps with soft and flawless skin. It helps in reducing premature wrinkles, dark spots and also fine lines. It works well to reduce pigmentation marks. To prepare the pack you will half a banana, half papaya and 3-4 cucumber slices. You need to blend all the three together to get a smooth paste. Apply this on your face and allow it to remain for twenty minutes or till it dries up. You can rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Banana, Papaya And Cucumber Mask

5. Pineapple And Papaya Mask

Papaya is known to work as a bleaching agent for the skin. This helps in removing skin tan and adds a fresh glow to the skin. Papaya is also quite effective in getting rid of dry and flaky skin which brightens the skin. For this pack, in a small bowl you need at least three tablespoons of mashed papaya with two teaspoons of pineapple juice. If needed add some milk to prepare a fine paste. Apply this mask on your face. You can rinse off with cold water. Those who have sensitive skin can add a few teaspoons of milk which is equally good.

Pineapple And Papaya Mask