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5 Homemade Rose Masks For Softer And Radiant Skin

Who do not love the bloomy and fresh fragrance of rose ? We just love its soothing fragrance and its beautiful colors. It is known as a king of flowers and why not. Apart from the beautiful look and fragrance it has got many other benefits and medicinal properties as well. This beautiful flower is loaded with various minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants . Hence it can be seen as an ingredient in various skin care and hair care products. Have you heard about rose oil? It is also trending nowadays and extracted from the fresh rose petals. Some of us love to use the crushed rose petals and rose water in face masks and even in homemade foot soaks to soothe our tired skin . The face masks loaded with fresh rose petals or rose water gives your skin a rosy glow naturally.

Here Are Some Homemade Rose Masks For Softer And Radiant Skin:

1. Rose Petals And Fullers Earth Facial Mask

Tired of washing your oily face again and again to get rid of greasiness? Rose petals would come for a rescue. Anti Inflammatory and natural astringent properties makes rose water an essential ingredient for oily skin. Just use this simple mask and get relief from the excess oiliness and shine on your face.


Few Fresh Rose Petals
Half Tablespoon of Fullers Earth
One Teaspoon of Rose Water

Method Of Preparation:

Take fresh rose petals and wash them properly to remove any kind of dirt and germs on it. Crush them finely using mortal and pestle. Use these crushed rose petals with rose water and fullers earth to make a pack for oily skin. Biweekly application of the same would control the oiliness and greasiness on the face up to a great extent and keep the pores clean.

Rose Petals And Fullers Earth Facial Mask

2. Rose Petals And Green Gram Powder Facial Mask

Combination skin can be very tricky as it has oily t zone while the cheek area is drier. Hence when you prepare any facial mask for the combination skin you need to consider both of the skin issues. Here in this mask the rose petals would take care of oily t zone while yogurt would take care of your dry cheeks.


Few Fresh Rose Petals
Half a teaspoon of Green Gram Powder
Half a teaspoon of Fresh Yogurt

Method Of Preparation:

Crush fresh rose petals into a fine paste. Once done add half a  teaspoon of fresh yogurt and half a teaspoon of green gram powder. Use this mixture to massage your face and keep it for good 15 minutes. This facial mask would act as a cleanser as well due to the green gram powder since it is known to be a natural cleanser as well as a natural exfoliator.

Rose Petals And Green Gram Powder Facial Mask

3. Rose Petals And Almond Facial Mask

You can use rose to soothe and heal your dry skin too since it is a natural emollient and works as a natural skin hydrating ingredient. When it is accompanied with almond it can beat the expensive store bought hydrating and nourishing masks to get you the soft and supple skin.


Fresh Rose Petals
Six Fresh Almonds
One teaspoon of Grounded Oatmeal
One teaspoon of raw honey

Method Of Preparation:

Crush Almonds and Fresh Rose petals together to get a coarse mixture. Add grounded oatmeal powder and honey to it. You should get coarse and granular scrub like paste. This mixture can be used as a scrub as well to remove the dry and flaky patches on your face as well. Scrub for two minutes and leave it for 10 minutes to as a mask on your face. This nourishing exfoliator cum face mask would result into softer, hydrated and glowing skin.

Rose Petals And Almond Facial Mask

4. Rose Petal And Milk Facial Mask

If you have dry and sensitive skin then you would understand how difficult it is to take care of your skin. Sensitive skin tends to get red and itchy with most of the chemical based products. It needs a soothing and healing therapy which would take care of redness as well as the dry skin itchiness as well. Calm your skin with this rose petal facial mask.

Ingredients :

Four to Five Fresh Rose Petals
Three Tablespoons of Raw Milk
One teaspoon of Coconut Oil
One teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 drops of Rose Essential Oil

Method Of Preparation:

Take a small blender and put all the ingredients in it. Add crushed rose petals as well. Blend it to get a smooth texture. Use this as a mask for your sensitive skin. First massage this mixture on your skin for a minute and use it as a mask for 10 minutes. Use warm water to remove the mask and pat dry your face.

Rose Petal And Milk Facial Mask

5. Rose Petals And Clay

This mask would ensure you acne free clear as well as well hydrated skin.


One teaspoon of Crushed Fresh Rose petals
One tablespoon of Bentonite Clay
One tablespoon of Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
5 drops of Rose essential oil

Method Of Preparation:

Prepare this clay mask using Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera Gel, Crushed Rose petals and drops of Essential Oil. Spread it on your troubled skin for few minutes. Clean the mask with warm water once dries.

Rose Petals And Clay