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5 Homemade Skin Lightening Face Masks

5 Homemade Skin Lightening Face Masks

There are several products available in market that provides you light skin in minutes. But they may contain harmful chemical that may cause damage to your skin. But if you try home made skin lightening mask it will be good for your skin. It does not have any harsh chemicals so it has no side effects on your skin. So, try this home made skin lightening face masks for a radiant glowing skin from inside.

Papaya Skin Lightening Face Mask

Papaya face mask is an excellent skin brightening face mask that gives you a bright glowing skin. This face pack will require 4 table spoons of papaya pulp, 2 tea spoon yogurt, 1 tea spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and one egg white. Now take one bowl and pour papaya pulp in it. Now add honey, yogurt, lemon juice and one egg white into it. Now mix all these ingredients to make a smooth paste. Apply this face mask evenly on your face and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. When the mask get dry wash off this face mask with the Luke warm water.


Gram Flour And Yogurt Face Mask

Gram flour and Yogurt face mask is another great face mask that lightens your skin tone naturally. Take 4 table spoons of gram flour and 2 table spoons of yogurt in a bowl. Add 1 tea spoon of honey in to it. Mix this mixture to form a smooth paste and apply this home made skin lightening face mask on your face. Leave the face pack for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with normal water. Regular use of this face mask will give you a tan free bright skin naturally.

yogurt mask

Fuller’s Earth And Rose Water Face Mask

Rose water is also good for your skin which gives you bright skin tone while lightening the skin tone. Mix 2 table spoons of Fuller’s Earth and equal amount of Rose water in it. Mix it well to make a smooth thick paste. Apply this face pack on your face pack and leave it to dry. It will take 15 to 20 minutes. Now rinse it with cold water and wipe with a dry towel. Apply a little moisturizer on your skin. Use this face mask thrice in a week to get a lighter even skin tone naturally.

Fuller’s Earth Mask

Carrot And Honey Face Mask

Carrot contains beta carotene which makes your skin fairer by lightening the skin tone. Grind some fresh carrots and take 3 table spoon of it in a glass bowl. Now add 2 tea spoons of honey in it and mix well to make this face pack. Apply this face pack on your face and leave it to be dry. It will take near about 30 minutes. The anti oxidants of carrots makes your skin rejuvenated from inside and gives you a younger looking skin by reducing age signs while honey moisturizes your skin thus you got a soft and lighter skin tone naturally.

Carrot And Honey Face Mask

Turmeric And Gram Flour Face Mask

Turmeric is also an excellent natural ingredient which brightens your skin from inside. If you want a naturally lighter skin tone try this home made face mask at least twice a week and you will see the difference. Take 3 table spoons of gram flour, 4 table spoons of milk and 1 tea spoon of turmeric in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients to form a smooth paste. Apply this face mask on your face for 20 minutes and let it to dry. Wash off this face mask with cold water.