Who doesn’t want to look good? For those who are passionate about looking good, it should equally important to preserve their beauty. These days, there are diversity of harsh makeup products that make you look good for an hour or two. But, if that makeup is not handled properly, it may clog the skin pores and lead to several skin disorder that can cost you more than your latest makeup products. The frequent problems that appears due to improper handling of makeup are acne and pimples breakouts and scars after their disappearance. Don’t you think that this improper method of removing makeup is making you risk your natural beauty? Off course, no one can cover their beauty 24 hour with the makeup products and look good at the same time unless it is natural beauty but there is something for you to ease your problem. It is the knowledge of the proper methods of removing makeup and this knowledge you will get from this article. Once you know this, you can free yourself from the worry of skin damage due to cosmetics.

Read Below The 5 Natural Techniques For Makeup Removal.

5 Diy Ways To Remove Makeup


Steaming is one of the best way to remove makeup. Want to know how? Steam has the temperature helpful in the opening up of skin pores thus making it easier to remove makeup. For steam, fill up the basin in with hot water and bring your face close to the steam coming from it. You can also replace the hot water with steaming water and place a towel (not too thick) over your face and brig it closer to the basin. This technique will help you open up the skin pores easily thus not letting adverse effect of makeup prevail. Make sure that you take care while bringing your face closer to the water.



Not just for the eyes, but cucumber can be used for over face. All thanks goes to the antioxidant property of cucumber that reduces irritation and keeps the face soft even after removing makeup. While applying, I will also soothe your skin. Instead of using it alone, you can settle for its blend. Add little amount of olive oil into grinded cucumber and keep on your face for some time. Remove it first and then wash off your face with lukewarm water.


Baby Wipes

Instead of washing makeup applied face directly with water, you must use baby wipes first. These are soft and don’t cause irritating and dryness on the skin. Before washing face, take a baby face wipe and wipe all the makeup with it. Rinse face with lukewarm water afterwards.

Baby Wipes

Olive Oil

Using olive oil is another natural method that guarantees no damage to the skin. It has certain healing and softening properties that are useful to remove makeup. However, you can use this oil only on dry skin. For sensitive skin, you may look for other alternatives such as jojoba oil or castor oil. For its application, pour some oil on cotton ball and wipe off your makeup with it. As mascara is the hardest part to remove, therefore, you can go for baby oil in that case.

Olive oil


Milk is another good method for removing light makeup from sensitive skin. As it is a natural product therefore, it guarantees no damage to the skin. However, use raw milk instead of simmered one. For removing makeup, dab a cotton ball into raw milk and start removing from your eyes. Wipe lightly.

Use Milk