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5 Instant Homemade Orange Face Packs For Fair Skin

Orange is a delicious fruits which is highly rich in Vitamin C and is well known for offering amazing health and beauty benefits to its user. If you want to enjoy glowing skin then orange face pack is best for it as well as other skin benefits. You can easily prepare orange face tack by collecting peels of oranges and making a dry powder of it by keeping the peels under sun for around 5 days and grinding the dried orange peels into powder form thereby converting it into a granular powder. By using the dried orange powder, you can easily make 5 different types of orange face packs which you can apply anytime to your face for achieving skin fairness and clean facial skin.

Here Are The 5 Instant Homemade Orange Face Packs For Fair Skin:

1. Orange Sandalwood Face Pack

Face pack prepared by mixing orange peel powder, sandalwood powder and rose water is too much beneficial in giving glow to the skin tone. You need to mix a spoon of orange peel powder, sandalwood powder and small amount of rose water followed by applying such mixture to your face and neck and then rinsing your face with cold water when the pack becomes semi dry. This face pack gives amazing glory to the skin and reduces risk of occurring all sorts of unwanted signs to your facial skin.


2. Orange Honey Face Pack

You can also prepare a face pack for your face by mixing1 spoon of orange face powder, small amount of honey and a few drops of lemon juice along with small amount of turmeric followed by applying it to your facial skin. You must apply this face pack for 15-20 minutes on your face and neck and then rinsing your face with cold water for removing dark spots and signs of sun tan from your face.


3. Orange And Lentils Powder Face Pack

This is also an amazing face pack to attain glowing skin. To prepare this face pack, you must mix small amount of green lentils to a spoon of orange powder and almond oil followed by massaging your face with it for a minute and finally rinsing your face with warm water to attain desirable glow on your face. It is the best skin exfoliater which brings natural shine on face if it is applied regularly at least twice a week by its user.


4. Orange Peel And Chilled Yogurt Face Pack

It is also a superb face pack for glowing skin which you can prepare easily at your home by adding small amount of yogurt to a tablespoon of orange peel powder. You need to apply this mixture to your facial skin for 15-20 minutes before rinsing your face with cold water If you own oily skin then you must add few drops of lemon juice to this mixture so as to make your facial skin free from acne, scars and other unwanted signs comfortably.


5. Orange And Milk Cream Face Pack

Face pack prepare by mixing orange peel powder and 2 spoons of milk cream and a few drops of rose water is very helpful in improving skin fairness. You need to apply this mixture on your face and massaging your facial skin with it for around 5 minute or so before rinsing your face with cold water. This is a superb homemade skin cleanser which is very helpful in removing dead skin cells and signs like blackheads residing on facial skin. This face pack is highly significant in removing signs of ageing thereby promoting skin glow.