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5 Interesting Uses Of Diatomaceous Earth That You Should Be Aware Of

Just by the turn of the century humanity has been surrounded itself by the blast of many unique versatile solutions for various day to day activities. Be it the treatment for a rare disease or taking care of a household problem that has been ailing us we have benchmarked this generation with amazing new discoveries and solutions that were utterly impossible a half a century ago. One such element that’s been new to the field but however gaining in popularity by the day should be the diatomaceous earth or commonly known as the DE. They are nothing but sedimentary rocks that are formed naturally which are derived from the diatoms. They are also derived from oceanic unicellular algae and separate industries have now started to thrive for growing the cultures of such algae. It is a white siliceous powder and consists of about 80 to 85% of silica. It is also a treasure trove of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron which have great benefits for the human body. It is cheap and is versatile and has a wide variety of uses apart from its healthcare usage. The unique nature of diatomaceous earth can be used in skin care, cosmetics and cleaning regime too. Ensure that you always go for food grade diatomaceous earth in all your usage.  Now let us have a look at some of its interesting uses in our daily lives.

Here Are Some Of The Interesting Uses of Diatomaceous Earth That You Should Be Aware Of :

1. Use It For Oral Health

Food grade diatomaceous earths are filled to the brim with silica and they are good as far as the oral department is concerned.  They are beneficial for your teeth and gum and also take care of your cavities. Further, it also reduces tooth decay and minimizes the chances of bleeding gums. It’s natural corrosive elements act as a mild brush and can gently remove the stains from your teeth. Just mix a little diatomaceous earth to your toothpaste and brush normally. Use it once a week and not regularly.

Oral Health

2. Use It For Skin Care

We have started trying out a range of products for getting that perfect skin. Our suggestion- Give diatomaceous earth a shot. It is incredibly efficient in removing the dirt and dust from your pores. You should have gathered by now that keeping your pores free of dirt effectively curbs acne and pimples. Diatomaceous earth helps us with this. Also, the silica in it helps in the formation of collagen that is needed to keep your skin radiant. It is also an effective exfoliating agent and can be used as a body scrub. Take a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth and mix with yogurt or milk to get a thick paste. Apply this on your skin and massage it gently. Rinse well after a few minutes.

Skin Care

3. Use It For Hair Care

Hair care for the present age demands faster and efficient results in a short period of time. The trouble actually lies in the fact that we do not have much time as we had before to spend on our hairs anymore. Try out diatomaceous earth in such cases. They are beneficial in stimulating hair growth and takes care of your hair. Also, it ensures that your hair regains its strength naturally and with minimum fuss. Add in a little diatomaceous earth and a little coconut oil to your shampoo and wash off like how you would do regularly. But don’t scrub your hair with it. Just give it a gentle massage with the shampoo. Use a mild conditioner later. Follow this procedure once a week.

Hair Care

4. Use It For Water Purification

Access to safe pure drinking water is the number one concern for the developing world and sometimes even the developed world. Diatomaceous earth is used in filtration process and can be very effective too. Even the common household filters that we use consist of a coating diatomaceous earth. Its unique combination of chemicals makes it a great medium for getting rid of the germs and bacteria. It is also beneficial in the killing of water borne viruses and reduces the toxic levels of water. From the industrialized plants to the houses, diatomaceous earth is used in the everyday water filtration to get pure drinking water.

Water Purification

5. Use It Against Insect Infestation

Diatomaceous earth is nontoxic and can be beneficial in keeping the insect population under check. They are effective against spiders, bed bugs and ants. Diatomaceous earth has minuscule razor like features in them and this can wreak havoc among the insects. Once the insects crawl on them they cut their abdominal walls and as a result, they lose their internal liquid and die out eventually. Wear a mask and spread food grade diatomaceous earth on the places where you see the spiders and ants crawling. For better results spread them near the entrance of your houses and near the window sills. The insects and bugs would avoid crawling over them.

Insect Infestation