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5 Interesting Uses Of Eggshells You Should Be Aware Of

One of the most underestimated products that simply baffles the community about the richness of the minerals it has, has to be undoubtedly the egg shells. Yes, you heard it right! It’s the egg shells. We do not even give a second thought to it while we whisk an egg and we simply discard its shells. Little did we know that eggshells are the powerhouse of the calcium mineral and the shells of an organic or a farm fresh egg can be extremely gratifying. If handled in the right quantities they offer great benefits to your surroundings and to your health. Try to give these flimsy shells a thought about the next time you use them. Below we have detailed some of the great uses of eggshells.

Here Are Some Interesting Uses Of Eggshells You Should Be Aware Of:

1. Use It As A Stain Remover

Remember how yucky the stains look in your cup and mugs as a result of having caffeine for a longer period. It definitely puts most of us off and the work that is needed to remove the stains can be so unforgiving. Not anymore. Try out eggshells. Boil some 8 to 10 egg shells in a container of water. Boil them at a high temperature and make sure you use a spoon to keep the shells submerged in water at all times. Once a foamy layer forms at the top, boil for exactly 3 to 4 minutes. Later take them out and discard the water and allow them to dry. Once it dries out completely you can crush them to a fine powder with your hand or a grinder. Now take the stain filled mug and fill it with warm water. Throw in some crushed shell powder into it and let it settle over night. In the morning, give the stains a light scrub and see them vanish before your eyes.

Stain Remover

2. Use It as a Natural Fertilizer

From the time immemorial we have used eggshells from the pre historic times to fertilize our soil and gardens. Nobody exactly could predict when this was invented. Our ancestors have made this unique discovery of adding egg shells to the soil to make them fertile. Egg shells reduce the acidic content of the soil and boost up the soil richness. Eggshells predominantly contain calcium carbonate and have traces of phosphorus and magnesium too. They are extremely cheap to use and they are beneficial in safe guarding your plants against rotting. Use them in its raw format or best- grind them to a fine powder and sprinkle them across your soil for best results. Try to use raw egg shells for grinding instead of boiled ones as the boiling will take out certain minerals that may be needed by the soil.

 Natural Fertilizer

3. Use It to Make Coffee Less Acidic

Did you know that the coffee you generally brew has a bit of acidic content in it? If you are caffeine addict then the acidic levels you have in your body should have shot through the roof. There is a simple way to over this. Use eggshells. We know that you are cringing your nose right now at the very mention of it. But trust us; egg shells are beneficial in reducing the acidic levels of the coffee products. It has been practiced from the good old days and the carbonate levels in the eggshells will contain the bitterness of the coffee grounds. Brew the coffee in the same as you do. To it add a half a teaspoon of crushed egg shells as we have stated above. Drink it and you can even use the coffee grounds brimmed with eggshells as a fertilizer in your garden.

Coffee Less Acidic

4. Use It As A Toothpaste

Eggshells are brimmed with calcium carbonate. Sometimes even up to 95%! This can be extremely beneficial for your teeth if used up in a proper way. Very individual tooth of yours is covered with a protective layer known as enamel. Any damage to this enamel can hamper the strength of your teeth. Calcium carbonate can be beneficial in protecting them. An eggshell also in a way effectively remineralizes your teeth and protects them from cavities and dental plagues. Boil some 12 eggshells and get the crushed powder as mentioned above. Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and add in the crushed eggshells to it. Now add in generous drops of coconut oil to it and mix well to get a thick paste. You can even add in a few drops of peppermint essential oil for taste if required. Use this like a tooth paste regularly.


5. Use It As A Calcium Supplement

This fact was often ignored, but eggshells are the richest source of calcium from the medieval times. The eggshells were best given to pregnant women at their time of delivery to regain their bone strength. Such was the power of the eggshells. It has a huge composite of calcium carbonate and if used in a correct method can be extremely beneficial for strengthening your bones and joints. Take 8 to 10 eggshells and boil them in water and get the powder as described in the above methods. Ensure that the crushed eggshell content is very powdery without any minuscule shell pieces. Now use this mix as a supplement every day. Take a teaspoon of it and mix it with either warm water or milk with a drop of honey and drink it. Ensure that you use only organic eggs or farm fresh eggs for the supplements.

Calcium Supplement