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5 Reasons Why Instant Noodles Are Hazardous For Your Health

There was a time during my higher studies when I was staying away from family and me being the terrible cook as I was used to live only on instant noodles. It can It’s in a jiffy and the taste found acceptance with me no matter of my mood and the time. Not only me, I know scores of my colleagues who were addicted to it and we simply worshiped them during those days in terms of its simplicity. Had we knew about the dangers of it and how treacherous it was making our system before, we would have kicked our former self and would not have indulged that much into it. In many cases, we would have even completely refrained from eating them. Instant noodles are not just bad, but they are far more worse than what we have earlier perceived. It has zero nutritional value, has enough preservatives in it to send your health into a dive and most of its ingredients are extremely harmful to your body on the whole. Simply avoid taking instant noodles and it is a strict and a resounding NO when you think of giving it to the kids. There is no such thing as a good instant noodle and irrespective of what the makers say, it would be in your best interest to stay away from them. We have listed out some dangerous de merits of having instant noodles and why it is in the best interest to ignore them from your diet. Let us have a quick look at it.

Reasons Why Instant Noodles Are Hazardous For Your Health:

1. High Preservatives

Ever wondered how instant noodles have an unusual shell life? It is due to the addition of preservatives that prevents them from getting stale and rancid. These are chemical preservatives such as BHA and TBHQ which are highly dangerous to health. Also, these preservatives can be termed as carcinogens that can never agree with our system. They indirectly can cause a disruption to your endocrine system and they also affect your hormones to a vast extent. These can cause abnormal hormonal imbalances in your body that may bring along with it a host of ailments. Avoid these instant noodles as much as possible from your day to day diet.

High Preservatives

2. Hard Digestion

Your digestive system works through a series of muscles that extend and contract. This helps in breaking up the food and the desired nutrients get released into the system through metabolism. In the case of instant noodles, the process is reversed. Instant noodles are extremely hard to digest. They stay in the intestinal tract for a longer duration and some researchers have said that they have found undigested noodle samples even after 36 hours from the time of consumption. This means long term consequences. The more the food remains in your system without digestion, the more it is prone to release toxic chemicals. This can lead to bowel discrepancies and it can also affect the liver functionalities and kidneys.

Hard Digestion

3. Saturated Fats

Fats can be badly categorized into good fats and bad fats. The type of fats that would top the list of the bad fat list would be undoubtedly saturated fats and an instant noodle has tons of it. This is the biggest cause of obesity and the other illness associated with it. They spike up your cholesterol levels and as a result puts additional pressure on your blood – not to forget that this can inadvertently lead to cardio vascular diseases. Instant noodles are packaged in this way and there is no way to reduce the fat content when you cook them. It would be extremely wise to look at the label for the amounts of fat present in your brand before eating them; better avoid them altogether if possible.

Saturated Fats

4. High Salt Content

One of the main reason why you go out for such instant noodles is due to the taste. The reason why they taste so irresistible to put down is due to the presence of sodium based salts that double up as a taste enhancer. Its true they make them taste worthy but the hidden dangers of high sodium in food is a matter of grave concern. They are not good for your heart and they are also associated with blood pressure. You might unknowingly increase your chances of heart attacks or strokes by having an addiction to instant noodles. Limit them as much as possible.

High Salt Content

5. Risk Of Heart Ailments

It is true – Consuming instant noodles even twice or thrice a week can increase the chances of heart-related diseases to a great extent in the future. This is due to the presence of fat frying that is done to preserve most instant noodles. Apart from this, they are high in refined flours which are nothing but carbohydrates. Excess carbohydrates can increase the sugar levels in your body and this can have a direct impact on your weight levels and the functioning of your heart. Try avoiding instant noodles as much as possible for a safe heart and a sound well being.

Risk Of Heart Ailments