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5 Simple But Effective Tips For Cracked Mouth Corner

Blisters and cracked skin are certainly not welcome in our lives. They are extremely irritating and they make a mess of all the hard work that we have done to get a shiny glowing skin. Imagine us getting such cracks in places where the skin is constantly touching. Could you feel that? Well, one such place is the corners of our mouth known locally as corner cracks or corner lip cracks. What is more exasperating with this condition is that since the upper and the lower parts of the mouth are constantly in touch, it causes a dull spiking pain every now and then and causes difficulty while we eat and talk. In many cases even when we numb our mouth this condition causes pain. Further to that, the cracks are highly visible on the corner of our mouths and this certainly does not look good on our face. It occurs due to the saliva that gets trapped in the corners. Fungus and bacteria start to grow in them and this causes the redness and the cracks to develop. This condition can also occur when our corners are moist all the times. There are many over the counter medications that are available to take care of such symptoms, but there are also some simple but efficient tips that you can try out to reduce the swelling and pain. Take a note of these uncomplicated tips.

Some Simple But Effective Tips For Cracked Mouth Corner:

1. Use Coconut Oil

Simple, but efficient! Use coconut oil for such conditions, even if you have tried out other remedies too. Coconut oil has great anti microbial contents and they can be effective in curbing the pathogen spread. Also, coconut oil can be beneficial in reducing the irritation and dryness caused by such corner cracks. It also moisturizes the region and it considerably reduces the pain. Apply a little bit of coconut oil on your finger tips and gently spread it on the infected region. Don’t massage it, however. Later wash the region with lukewarm water. Use it twice or thrice a day and you can see visible changes within a week.

Coconut Oil

2. Aloe Vera

Try this out when the corners turn out extremely dry. Dryness makes the infection lingering for a longer duration and affects the mending process. Also, Aloe Vera is antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively moisturizes the skin around the region and controls the infection from spreading. Try this method with fresh Aloe Vera leaves rather than the store bought Aloe Vera gels. Twig the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant and get the gel. Place this gel on a small plate and refrigerate for some 20 minutes. Now take the gel and apply gently around your mouth corners. Wash off after 15minutes. Repeat it twice a day for better results.

Aloe Vera

3. Use Yogurt

Probiotics or the good bacteria are in a way needed by your body to maintain the balance of the bacteria. This is needed as the balance is effective in fighting a host of infections. Yogurt is one such product that is probiotic plus it helps in the restoration. It also moisturizes your skin and is known to be beneficial across all skin types. Take a dab of yogurt and apply it on the corners. This is best done during the night times, before hitting the bed. In the morning wash the remains with water. Try it out for a week and notice the reduction in swelling and the redness.


4. Use Honey

Of course, we could never leave out honey in this. It has good anti bacterial properties and it has great moisturizing effects too.  Apart from this, honey can be beneficial in minimizing the dark effects that accompany the corner cracks. You can use raw honey or for best results try out Manuka honey. Apply it on the infected part with your finger. You can repeat this many times per day. In case you feel that the honey tends to get sticky, mix it with a little olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on the corners. Later, clean it off with lukewarm water.


5. Use Garlic

Garlic is undoubtedly one of the best natural fungicidal agents that are available and it can reduce the swelling to a vast extent. It is also beneficial in reducing the symptoms of swelling and infections majorly. Chop or grind a piece of ginger and add a few drops of raw honey into it. You can even alternate honey with coconut oil or olive oil. Mix well and apply this with the help of your fingers around your mouth region. Repeat twice a day and you can see visible results soon. You may experience a burning sensation when applying for the first time.