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5 Simple Tips To Cut Back Your Sugar Indulgence

Many of us do secretly have a craving for sugar. As we grow up we tend to control these urges to a large extent and can in turn work a good healthy life balance. However, for some, sugar cravings can be uncontrollable – leading to an addiction like symptom. They are not to be confused with a sweet tooth. Sugar cravings in a person can lead to conditions where they are tempted to take sugar with every type of food they eat- irrespective of whether they are spicy, sour or bland. Sugar is needed in right quantities for the body to function well. However, in excess quantities, the same can turn in a negative way and lead to a number of diseases including diabetes, heaviness, anxiety, heart-related problems, and liver deficiencies. Sugar quantities are available in a good number of foods and added to that the sedentary lifestyle which we lead simply aggravates the symptoms. Also, our addiction to soda and carbonated water has definitely not gone well with sugar levels. We agree that avoiding sugar cravings are definitely not easy and require utmost mental stamina and patience to curb them. But it is needed and you can focus on getting your sugar fix by following some simple ways and a few lifestyle changes we have jotted below. Let us have a look at them.

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Cut Back Your Sugar Indulgence:

1. No To Artificial Sweeteners

Irrespective of what the ads say about how artificial sweetener replicate the actual sugar, let us get one factor straight. Artificial sweeteners can never replicate sugar and in the long run, they cause more harm than good. It indirectly increases obesity and ups your calorie intake drastically. Artificial sweeteners are in some cases known to change the metabolism of your body and can affect the insulin production. It is true that artificial sweetener can give a similar effect of sugar to an extent but on the whole, they can be a reason for number health ailments including diabetes. Instead of using sugar sweeteners try to get the fix with fruits and juices. You can also try out honey in many instances instead of such artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners

2. Indulge In Healthy Snacks

You cannot in all probability control your sugar urges every time you have them. In such cases, you can always keep a dose of healthy snacks nearby. By this way, you can also restrict the hunger pangs too. So, next time when you feel like having your beloved ice cream or an aerated drink try opting for a healthy snack. Stock up your works pace with snacks such as fruits or nuts like almonds and cashews. Have a pack of unsalted roasted raisins or peanuts with you always so that they come in handy even while you travel. You can even try out dark chocolate which has great cocoa content as an option too. Also, such snacking of healthy foods can also make you feel full and can make you stick to your diet for weight loss.

Healthy Snacks

3. Hydrate Your Body

This is one of the advice that we keep hearing many times in our lives and we will keep hearing for many generations to come to – Because the saying has so much punch and depth into it. Your body needs water at the right levels to survive and sustain. Also, a properly hydrated body can be beneficial in keeping a majority of ailments under the bay. The same holds good for sugar cravings too. The trick is to make your mind think that you have just had food and that your hunger pangs have just been put a stop. Drinking a glass of plain water is the efficient way to achieve this. Also, sugar cravings do occur when your body is not properly hydrated. Have a regular glass of water throughout the day. Never ever make the mistake of adding soda or aerated water to this method. It would ruin the purpose. In case having just plain water is not your desire; you can add a pinch of lemon extract or mint extracts and have a refreshing drink.

Hydrate Your Body

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can act as a great leveler and can be beneficial in managing the sugar levels in the blood. It also greatly assists in the sugar cravings and can keep the hunger pangs under control. In a word cinnamon makes you full, thus curbing your food intake levels. Crush a small cinnamon stick into tiny pieces and boil them in a cup of water. Allow it to simmer and strain the extracts. Drink this tea on an empty stomach. Add in just a drop of honey if needed.


5. Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep can majorly contribute towards the intake of calorie-rich foods and foods that are packed with sugar. In many cases, sleep deprivation has been linked directly to your eating patterns where you tend to have a high intake of junk foods. It also causes hormonal fluctuations and can increase your sugar cravings to high proportions. Try getting a relaxed peaceful 7 to 8 hours of sleep during the night. Make sure that you keep the surroundings disturbance free and indulge in a bit of relaxation before you hit the bed. You would be amazed to find the difference in your appetite levels and the reduction in your sugar cravings.