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5 Sorts Of Nail And What That Say About Your Health

Obsession is a way of life and for many individuals; it can be a materialistic object or a relation. Some people are obsessed how they look and what the society thinks about them. Needless to say, these individuals would go to any extent to satisfy them. Be it a curl of their hair, to the color of the skin to the weight they portray – everything comes under this bracket for such people. The same can be said about nail lovers too. It has become the latest fad among people and they have come up with innovative and eye-popping ways to display their creativity in their nails. However, nails are not just a show piece or a display ware. They are a vital body part and they protect your finger tissues and its surroundings in many ways. In a way, it can be safely said that the way a nail forms in a person says a lot about his/her general health. Though it sounds absurd most of the medical condition you might experience can get reflected in your nail. They offer the overall information about your health and can be beneficial in offering glimpses of various infections and diseases that might plague your body. We have detailed a few peeks about what your nails say about your health.

Here Are Some Sorts Of Nail And What That Say About Your Health:

1. Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are one of the most common occurrences of the nail imbalances. This could be one of the strongest messages that your nails could be sending you that your health needs additional care. Most of the times they can be a direct result of a nail fungus. Yellow nails also do occur when a person is suffering from diabetes. This is a common infection; however, care should be given adequately. Else your nails can become brittle and can result in breakage. Also in some cases, yellow nails are associated with jaundice. In case the conditions do not go away on its own, seek medical attention for it. Try avoiding chemical based nail products for a while and rub your nails with lemon peels or juice.

Yellow Nails

2. Dull Nails

Dull nails are mostly associated with iron deficiencies. Also, they indicate low levels of oxygen in your blood and can replicate anemic conditions. Lack of proper supply of blood can make your nails dull and pale. Massage you nails with coconut oil or olive oil for a brief period to get back the circulations. Also, do take proper care of iron deficiencies if that is the case. Pale nails are not to be ignored as they can sometimes pinpoint a serious medical condition. In case your nails do not get back to normal even after a month consult with your physician immediately.

Dull Nails

3. Cracked Nails

We often take cracked or split nails lightly believing that they might have happened when we have worked. However getting cracked nails often can indicate serious nutritional deficiencies. It can also indicate the folic acid deficit in your body along with Vitamin C and proteins. Cracked nails can also indicate an underlying skin condition. Do check out for any rashes or redness in your skin. Avoid nail polishes and manicures till the effects go away. Try to avoid the nails coming in contact with water as they can cause a strong stinging pain. You can apply a mild moisturizer on your nails to keep them hydrated. In case they do not go away even after a few weeks, consult a dermatologist for better solutions.

Cracked Nails

4. Thick Nails

Many people tend to see thick nails as a gift and showcase how strong and sturdy it looks. In reality, it is extremely wrong to have a thick nail. It can imply fungal infections and they have every chance to turn rough in the future. It is seen mostly in older people and in most cases, your nails can get discolored. Thick nails are also an indication that your blood does not flow freely and you are wearing clothes that are either too tight or wearing accessories that are hampering the blood flow. Check out with a doctor if you have any infection in the nails. Once it is ruled out you can try soaking your nails in warm lemon water. Repeat this procedure once or twice a day so that the nails soften.

Thick Nails

5. Clubbing Of The Nails

This is not a common occurrence but the term is used when the nails get extremely curved at the edges. It is also termed as round nails. The term is got as the rounded up nails resembles a club. The condition occurs when nail does not get enough strength to push itself outside- implying a weak metabolism. Also, it indicates less oxygen circulation in your blood and can be a sign of heart or kidney ailment. There are other possibilities for this condition and these can include thyroid disorders and dysentery. It is not a common condition and it is advisable to seek medical attention if you are experiencing such conditions.

clubbed nails