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5 Super Easy Steps To DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel To Style Your Hair

Everyone of us love to style our hair. We generally depend of store bought chemical gels to style our hair. But sometimes these chemicals can ruin your hair and give your hair a serious damage. These hair gels help to set the hair and keep it sleek. But why to use those chemical laden hair gel if you can use the natural one ? Yes. You can prepare the easy and natural hair gel by using some of the easily available and natural ingredients at your home. Here we are going to use flaxseeds as a main ingredient to prepare the gel . We all know the goodness of flaxseed which is high in anti oxidants. These anti oxidants are very essential for good hair and good skin. Now some flaxseeds aside to prepare this homemade hair gel to style your hair. Enough about the raving of flaxseeds.

Super Easy Steps To DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel To Style Your Hair:

Flaxseed Hair Gel

First Step

As we are going to prepare this recipe at home, you would have to gather all the ingredients. Gather Half a cup of Flaxseeds, One cup of a water, Two teaspoons of fresh aloe vera gel, 15 to 20 drops of jojoba oil or argan oil and  10 drops of tea tree oil or rosemary essential oil.

Second Step

Take a thick bottomed pan . Add a cup of water to it and let it boil. Once it starts boiling add flaxseeds to it. Boil the mixture for up to 5 minutes. You can also use the microwave to prepare this mixture.

Third Step

Once you get the creamy froth on the surface of the water just turn off the heat. Let it cool down. Once cool down you should get a creamy gel like consistency. Now strain the mixture by using a strainer.

Fourth Step

The mixture that you obtained after straining is the base for your gel. Take it in the bowl and whisk it for few minutes to remove the lumps and get a smoother gel like consistency. Now add the aloe vera gel to it and mix well. It is always advised to use the fresh aloe vera but if it is not available then you can use the store bough ready to use gel as well.

Fifth Step

At this stage all the essential oils and jojoba oil to the mixture and whisk it properly. You can also use peppermint essential oil . Once done transfer the mixture to the air tight and dry container . This mixture can be used for up to 15 days and it is recommended to prepare the fresh batch after wards. This homemade Flaxseed hair gel is a replacement for your regular styling gel. This flaxseed hair gel is very beneficial to moisturize and style the hair as you wish to. Since it does not have any artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals hence it does not make your hair clumpy. Now how to use this hair gel ? Just take some gel on your palms and rub it through your hair when it is wet. If you have got wavy mane then just scrunch it gently. Once you apply the gel properly to your hair fluff it up gently by using your hands. You can also comb your hair if you find any stickiness and lumps in your hair. This homemade hair gel would help to hold your styles hair in place and also give it a glossy shine.