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5 Super Fast Fixes For Bad Hair Days

Hair Days

Some might call it being superficial and narcissistic, but for many people like me, having a bad hair day is one of the biggest disasters. Before you discard the thought as merely an overstatement, imagine these scenarios: You have an all-important interview with that firm you’ve been dying to work with AND you have a bad hair day! Would you feel confident? Heck no! You won’t even feel presentable! You have a friend’s wedding to attend, a gorgeous new dress and every accessory that’s just right, BUT you have a bad hair day! Would you enjoy the wedding? No way! Formal or personal, the satisfaction we derive from any occasion depends a great deal on how we feel about projecting ourselves. Needless to say, a bad hair day can easily ruin any occasion.

The Big Deal With Bad Hair Days

Besides the confidence factor, bad hair days are ‘bad’ because you might simply do not have the time or opportunity to fix your bad hair days with electronic gadgets, elaborate hair masks and deep conditioning massages. A bad hair day can pretty well catch you at the end of an office day (blame too much air conditioning), or just after a swim (Chlorine exposure can turn hair greenish!) or even when you’ve tied up a ponytail for far too many days (Gosh! That awful housewife’s ponytail shape never goes away).

Bad Hair Days

The Root Of The Problem:

Even though the internet is teeming with DIY remedies for bad hair days, they mostly involve oiling, massage, elaborate materials, shampooing and conditioning. What do you do:
– If you are in a hurry?
– If no hair dryers, curlers, crimping irons and straighteners are handy?
– If you are in a public place like your office or even outside?
– If you don’t have access to salon-like hairsprays, conditioners and shampoos?

Well, these quick tips tell you emergency fixes for just those annoying end-of-the-day hair problems.

5 Quick And Emergency Fixes For Bad Hair Days:

a. Hair Ridges From Yesterday’s Ponytail

Guilty of sleeping in that tight ponytail or bun? If the Hair Goddess has punished you with those annoying kinks in the hair, you can’t really fix them without at least a wash. Instead, here’s how to use them to your advantage. Make a low ponytail close to your nape using a scrunchie. Just before you make the last loop, don’t pull the hair through fully. You will now have a ponytail-bun like thing. Leave it as it is. Now add a hairband or some tic-tac pins to tame your hair and you have a casual school-girl look.

Add-on Tip

Compliment this look with glasses, a pair of trousers or a skirt and a semi-formal shirt to get that busy office girl look!

yesterday’s ponytail

b. Bad Case Of ‘Bed-Head’

For the hair-illiterate, a bed–head is what you get when you sleep too long in one position with hair that is either not completely dry after a wash or hair that was too sweaty and damp at bedtime. That awful, asymmetrical, just-woke-up look can be taken care of immediately by making a ‘messed-up bun’.
Trust me, this bun can be a lifesaver. Simply comb through the hair thoroughly by hanging your head and brushing thoroughly. Straighten up and make a high ponytail. If you have short hair, simply tease the ponytail and create a messy bun. For longer hair, twist the ponytail around the scrunchy until you have the last bit of free hair left. Pin up the hair, mess the last bit up and you’re done!

Add-on Tip

This look can be experimented with by varying the position of the ponytail. However, a very low ponytail doesn’t usually work.

bed head

c. Frizzy Hair On Humid Days

This is the number one problem for millions of women. Come humid days and your hair can be hired by meteorologists to gauge atmospheric humidity just by its frizz! What to do? Stop fretting and try this.
Dab a few drops of skin moisturizer on your palm and fingers and run your fingers through your hair a couple of time. This will smoothen the frizz in your hair and your mood immediately! Now comb or brush your hair as usual and you’re good to go.

Add-on Tip

If your hair is prone to frizz, invest in a leave-in conditioner and carry it in your handbag to have an instant solution.

Frizzy hair on humid days

d. Limp, Dull Hair

This one is probably the easiest to handle. If you notice that your hair has gone limp at the end of the day due to pollution or exposure to sunlight, the quickest fix is to rub the hair down with a little baby powder. Now, bend over and let your hair hang down. Now use a brush or static-free comb and brush the hair properly. Stand back up and touch up your now non-dull looking hair! The baby powder absorbs any extra oil and sweat and leaves the hair lighter (and fresher smelling too).

Add-on Tip

If you ever over-do the baby powder by mistake, don’t worry. Simply use damp (not wet) fingers to remove it. Alternately, you can also use a mascara brush to the same effect.

Limp, dull hair

e. Weather Beaten Hair

If Nature catches you outdoors on an extra windy or rainy day, your hair is sure to take the brunt. To tame your hair in such emergencies, keep some bobby pins, tic-tac pins and a scarf in handy. Worst come to worst, you can try pinning up your hair in a bun or covering it up (stylishly) in a scarf. A hairband works just as well, too.
On windy days, your hair may gain static and as a result, some shorter hair tends to stand up. It is an annoying but easy-to-solve problem. Simply, tame the hair with your moisturizer and tie it down using a hairband.

Add-on Tip

Weather beaten hair can be quite a disaster to handle. If all else fails, simply rough up your hair with your fingers and leave it open. The look can get you through most situations if worn with a confident air.

Weather beaten hair

Bad hair days are inevitable. People with all lengths of hair, all textures and in all situations of life face them. Not always do you have the time and opportunity to shampoo and style your hair perfectly. These handy tips can prove very beneficial on such days as they require no equipment like hair dryers, curlers or straighteners. They are all easy fixes you can try in the ease of your office chair or washroom before moving on to the next event of your day.

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