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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dates

Health Benefits Of Dates

The applause for the deliciously sweet and chewy dates has increased volubly in recent years. It is hardly surprising considering the fact that this oblong shaped fruit is a veritable storehouse for nutrients. Including dates in the daily diet plan can fight a host of disease conditions which range from high blood pressure to constipation. Read on to discover some of the astonishing health benefits of this delicious fruit.

Here Are 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Dates:

Enables Weight Gain

Dates are a calorie dense super food, which help thin people to gain weight. A hundred grams of this deliciously sweet and chewy fruit yields nearly 282 calories. Dates have elevated reserves of sugar as full fat milk.

Weight Gain

For Healthy Bones

The unique nutrient profile of dates makes it one of the top notch foods to maintain bone health. Dates are a storehouse of key nutrients like calcium (39 mg per 100g), magnesium (43 mg per 100g), protein (2.4g per 100g), potassium (656 mg per 100g) and phosphorous (62 mg per 100 g) which are essential for the growth, development and maintenance of healthy bones.  Post menopausal women, who fall into the high risk category for bone degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, must increase their intake of this nutritious fruit.

Healthy Bones

Fights Anemia

People who are diagnosed with anemia should consume iron rich foods like dates. The mineral iron is vital for the production of hemoglobin.  A one hundred gram serving of dates provides nearly 5 % of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for iron. Since pregnant women are more susceptible to anemia, they should include at least half a cup of dates in their daily diet plan.


Reduces Risk of Stroke

A one hundred gram serving of dates yields nearly 43 mg of magnesium. Medical research has revealed the startling fact that consuming foods rich in magnesium can reduce an individual’s risk of suffering from a stroke by almost 8 percent. The mineral magnesium reduces the risk of stroke by lowering blood pressure levels.


Relieves Constipation

The high amount of dietary fiber in dates (8g per 100g) makes it an ideal food choice to fight constipation. Dates are excellent sources of potassium (656mg per 100g) and magnesium (43mg per 100g). Medical studies have indicates that increasing the intake of these vital minerals can help to fight constipation.

Relieves Constipation