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5 Top Remarkable Health Benefits Of Pineapple

Benefits Of Pineapple

A tropical fruit, pineapple is enjoyed by people all over the world for its slightly sweet and distinctly tangy flavor. This succulent fruit is also revered for its innumerable health benefits, including cleansing the body, strengthening the immune system and nourishing the hair. But these are just some of the amazing health benefits of this tropical fruit. Read on to know more about the remarkable healthy benefits of pineapple.

Here Are 5 Remarkable Health Benefits Of Pineapple:

Prevents Macular Degeneration

Pineapple contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals which can prevent age related macular degeneration. Pineapple is a rich source of B group of vitamins as well as vitamin C. Ophthalmological research has indicated that eating vitamin C rich fruits like pineapple can prevent oxidative damage to the eyes. The high amounts of vitamin A and beta carotene (a carotenoid) can also help to reduce the risk of age related vision loss.

Prevents Macular Degeneration

Improves Digestion

Pineapple is extremely beneficial for the digestive tract. This tropical fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain. Eating bromelain rich food like pineapple not only improves digestion but it also prevents inflammation / swelling of the digestive tract. In fact, drinking half a glass of fresh pineapple juice or eating a few chunks of ripe pineapple, immediately after having a meal, can help to mitigate numerous digestive disorders.

Improves Digestion

Combats Arthritis and Joint Pain

Pineapple is a veritable storehouse of immune boosting vitamin C as well as the potent plant enzyme bromelain. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C and bromelain can help to mitigate joint swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis. The potent antioxidant vitamin C helps to repair collagen – an important structural protein of connective tissues. Healthy connective tissues can improve joint function vastly.

Combats Arthritis

Good For Heart Health

Pineapple is often referred to as a heart healthy food. The high amount of vitamin C in pineapple improves blood circulation. This potent anti-oxidant also acts as an anti-coagulant.  Bormelain, a proteolytic enzyme acts as blood thinner and reduces and individuals risk of suffering from numerous heart ailments.

Good For Heart Health

Keeps Gums Healthy and Strong

To keep your gums healthy and strong eat plenty of ripe pineapple chunks.  The high amount of vitamin C which is present in this tropical fruit can help to combat numerous gum diseases. Eating ripe pineapple also improves blood flow to the gums.

Keeps Gums Healthy