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5 Warning Signs Of Heart Disease Can Be Detected In Your Eyes

Heart diseases are those which affect your heart or the blood vessels which form our circulatory system. They are not acute diseases; they develop over years before causing any major symptoms. Your daily habits like diet, alcohol, smoking, heredity factors, exercise habits etc. mainly determine the development of heart diseases. Although at an early stage the heart diseases might not give out major signs; they sure exhibit some changes in the body. It is said that eyes are the mirror of our inner body; if you are ill it does show in the eyes. It is the same with heart diseases also. In case a person is suffering from any heart diseases it shows in their eyes as different changes and occurrences.

Below Mentioned Are  Major Warning Signs Of Heart Diseases Which Can Be Seen In Your Eyes.

1. Xanthelasma

You might have observed some people have clots around their eyes; either on the eye lids or on the eye bags below. These clots are cholesterol deposit clots and the condition is known as xanthelasma. Now on its own xanthelasma is not a disease or does not cause any health trouble; however, they are a sign of heart diseases as they are cholesterol deposits. This indicates that the persons’ body cholesterol levels are high which is a direct cause of many heart diseases. Therefore, xanthelasma clots must be taken seriously and once observed you must get your cholesterol levels tested.


2. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which usually fluid builds up in the eye causing damage to the optic nerve which could permanently damage your vision. Now glaucoma is a possible warning sign for heart diseases since it depicts increased blood pressure. Glaucoma is also related to uncontrolled diabetes which is again an indirect cause of heart diseases; it is all linked and connected. Thus an annual eye check-up must be done for glaucoma and if detected you must get your heart disease related medical check-ups done too.


3. Redness Or Bloodshot Eyes

High blood pressure causes damage to your blood vessels which the vessels to burst. The tiny blood vessels in the eyes are mostly affected and this causes the eyes to appear red in colour. You may at times notice a small red blot somewhere in the eyes which is also due to capillary bursts. Increased blood pressure is one main cause of heart diseases and must be taken seriously.

Redness or bloodshot eyes

4. Cataract

The people suffering from cataracts are usually known to be vulnerable to heart diseases. Many of the factors which cause cataract are similar as the factors causing heart diseases – these are age, smoking, use of some drugs, heavy alcohol use etc. Thus development of cataract is a sign that you must get your cardiovascular system tested for potential heart diseases.


5. Blurred Vision Or Double Vision

Blurred vision of double vision can be used due to damage to the retina or the blood vessels supplying to the eye. These blood vessels are very tiny and thin and are easily damaged by increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar or increased cholesterol; all of which are potential causes of heart diseases. Therefore, occurrence of blurred vision or double vision is identified as a major warning sign for heart diseases which must be taken seriously.

double vision
If you notice any of the sign in you then an immediate consultation to your doctor is required.