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5 Amazing Ways Castor Oil Helps With Your Eye Problems


Castor oil is best known for its medicinal properties. For centuries it has been used in the traditional medicines for treating an array of health problems. Do you know that castor oil is great for your eyesight? In Egypt, castor oil has been used for centuries to treat eye irritation and other eye problems. The effectiveness of castor oil in treating eye problems is also supported by clinical studies.

If you are searching for a safe and reliable alternative remedy for improving your vision you can rely on high quality organic castor oil. Castor oil can be used as eye drop for improving the following eye problems.

1. Dry Eyes

Castor oil is best known as a natural remedy for dry eyes. Non-inflamed obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a major cause of dry eyes. In a clinical study, scientists in Japan prepared a castor oil eye drop by combining 5% polyoxyethylene castor oil and 2% castor oil. The castor oil eye drop was instilled in the eyes of people suffering from dry eyes because of non-inflamed MGD six times per day for up to two weeks. The study showed that the castor oil eye drop helped in reducing the dryness of the eyes. It worked by improving production and distribution of lipid in the eyes, inhibiting tear evaporation and improving function of the meibomian glands.

Dry Eyes

2. Cataracts

In Ayurveda, castor oil is used for reversing cataracts. However, this natural remedy seems to work at the earliest stage of cataract. Put one drop of castor oil in each eye before going to bed. A number of people who have used castor oil for treating cataract claim that this natural remedy had helped in dissolving their cataracts within 2 to 6 weeks.


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3. Eye Strain

Castor oil is also an excellent remedy for eye strain. Eye strain usually occurs by staring at the computer screen, reading or watching TV for a long time. The soothing effect of castor oil helps in providing fast relief from eye strain. It also helps in reducing the redness and irritation in the eyes.

Eye Strain

4. Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are a common problem in the middle aged and elderly people. Naturopaths recommend castor oil eye drops to treat floaters. As the concentration of antioxidants in the eyes tend to decline with age, castor oil as an excellent source of antioxidant helps in reversing the age-related changes in the eyes.

Eye Floaters

5. Pink Eyes

Castor oil can also help in providing fast relief from pink eye or conjunctivitis. The antimicrobial property of castor oil helps in destroying the germs that are responsible for the eye infection. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory activity of castor oil helps in reducing swelling and redness of the eyes.

Pink Eyes