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5 Ways How Onion And Sugar Remedy Fights Cough

Fighting a cough is not easy. You may consider buying an over-the-counter cough syrup, but in most cases apart from making you drowsy the cough syrups cannot do much in stopping the persistent coughing. However, you can easily treat cough naturally with the help of homemade onion and sugar mixture. The remedy helps in loosening the phlegm so that it can be easily expelled from the lungs. By clearing the lungs, the onion and sugar syrup helps in providing fast relief from cough.

For this home remedy you will need one to two medium sized onions and half a cup of sugar. Slice the onions into equal pieces. Place a layer of onion slices on the bottom of a glass jar. Spread a layer of sugar on the onion slices. Cover the sugar layer with onion slices and cover it with sugar. In this manner, continue arranging the onion and sugar layers one over another until the jar is full. Cover the jar and keep it aside at least for 12 hours. The ingredients in the jar will gradually turn into liquid. Take a teaspoon of the syrup every two to three hours to reduce coughing.

How The Onion And Sugar Remedy Fights Cough

1. Soothes Sore Throat

Throat irritation triggers coughing. The onion and sugar syrup helps in soothing the sore throat. By reducing discomfort in the throat, this home remedy helps in reducing coughing.

Soothes Sore Throat

2. Expectorant

This home remedy is an excellent expectorant. It works by loosening the mucus that can be easily coughed up. Regular intake of the homemade onion and sugar cough syrup helps in clearing the lungs that helps in treating cough naturally.


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3. Antibiotic

The over-the-counter cough syrups act only as expectorant but do not help in treating an underlying respiratory infection that triggers coughing. In addition to its expectorant effect, the onion and sugar mixture also act as a natural antibiotic. The sulfur compounds in onion help in destroying the germs that are responsible for the respiratory infection.


4. Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect of onion helps in reducing inflammation of the airways, which helps in alleviating breathing difficulties that may occur due to the respiratory infection. The home remedy also helps to soothe the irritated throat.

Reduces Inflammation

5. Antihistamine

Onion contains a natural antihistamine called quercetin that helps in providing relief from coughing and other allergic reactions. Therefore, the onion and sugar mixture also acts as an antihistamine. Hence, the onion and sugar remedy works through different mechanisms to reduce coughing.