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5 Different Ways Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Face


Apple cider vinegar has several therapeutic uses and is widely used in skin and hair treatment. It is safe if used properly and helps in curing several types of skin infections. It is found to be good as a face wash, skin toner, also helps fight acne and is useful in the treatment of minor bruises.

Mentioned Below Are Different Methods Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar For The Face:

1. Soothing The Skin:

Add about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a tub of water and mix well. Use this mixture to wash the face. This mixture will help restore the ph balance of the skin and will help in soothing the skin.

Soothing The Skin

2. Use As A Facial Toner:

Take two cups of water. To it add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix well. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe the skin with the cotton ball. Leave it on the face. Do not wash face with water. The alpha hydroxy acids and acetic acid which are known to improve the circulation. This method helps in tightening the skin and also reduces the size of the pores.

Use As A Facial Toner

3. Against Sunburns:

Take 4 cups of water. To it add half cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix well. Dip a clean cloth in this mixture and apply it to the sunburned skin. This method helps restore the pH balance,gives relief from sunburn and prevents the formation of blisters.This remedy can also be used in case of burns.

Against Sunburns

4. Healing Of Bruises:

For this purpose dip a cotton ball in undiluted vinegar and apply it to the bruised area. The acetic acid which helps in healing the bruises. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the inflammation.There is also improvement in blood circulation.

Healing Of Bruises

5. Treating Bug Bites:

In this case apply undiluted apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball to the affected area. The anti-inflammatory property will help in reducing the swelling and will also reduce the itching sensation.
As you can see there are several ways by which you can use apple cider vinegar for the face. As listed above apple cider vinegar has a number of therapeutic uses and is found to be good for the skin.

Treating Bug Bites