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5 Ways To Eliminate Dark Underarms

Dark Underarms

Many women around the world are troubled by the issue of dark underarms. This embarrassing condition can be caused as a result of continuous shaving of the underarms region and constantly wearing tight clothes. However, there are some effective remedies that can help to tackle this situation. 

Mentioned below are some easy to try out remedies for dark underarms.

The Citrus Treatment

Lemon is considered to be a natural skin lightener. This property of the fruit will help in getting rid of dark underarms if used on a daily basis. And all you have to do is slice a lemon and rub it on your underarms to obtain evident underarms.

Citrus Treatment

Baking Soda

Using chemical deodorants daily can be one of the reasons for the darkening of underarms as these deodorants contain alcohol. This condition can be avoided if you use baking soda instead of regular deodorants. To get faster results, you can use baking soda by mixing it with equal quantities of apple cider vinegar.

Baking Soda

The Herbal Solution

To fix dark underarms you can apply a mixture of honey, one teaspoon of cucumber juice and one teaspoon of turmeric powder to the area. Wash off after 15 minutes and repeat twice a week for satisfactory results. The skin lightening properties of the mixture will help in getting rid of dark underarms.

Herbal Solution

Wax Your Underarms

To keep your underarms neat, you can wax them instead of shaving. Regular shaving will irritate the underarm skin and will eventually cause their darkening. Waxing on the other hand pulls put the hair by the root, thus keeping the underarms neat and clean.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wearing tight clothes can lead to an increase in friction between the clothes and underarm region. This can also lead to the lodging of sweat in the underarms. All these will eventually lead to the darkening of the underarms. To avoid this, you should wear proper fitting clothes, preferably cotton which will allow your skin to breathe.

Comfortable Clothing


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