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5 Ways To Keep Your Lips In Good Shape

Accept or not but the lips go through a lot and unlike the rest of our skin, they receive less care. As lips don’t have any oil or sweat glands, these are constantly exposed to foods and drinks, irritants, environmental pollution and the weather. It is no time to overlook the health of the lips but look after it for proper care. What you can do to make your lips beautiful and help them keep in good shape is given in the article. Do read and follow.

5 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Lips In Good Shape:

1. Exercise Your Lips:

Some people choose the plastic surgeon to reshape their lips. However, as long as the lips therapies and the exercises are there, you hardly need these. Similar to what you use on your lips, how you exercise your lips is important. Choose the right lip therapy and other sorts of facial exercises that involve movement of lips.

Doing it at proper interval every day is beneficial in increasing the blood circulation in the lips that will only make the lips healthy, improve the shape and the tone of the lips. How your lips appear is also affected by this. Based on the shape of lips you want, choose the exercise.

Exercise Your Lips

2. Keep A Track On Your Habits:

There are lots of habits that can ruin the health of the lips. These habits can leads to dryness, irritation and soreness on the lips. The biggest being licking does provide a cooling sensation on the lips but it makes the problem even worse like dryness. The reason being the saliva drying faster leaving the lips dry. Also, it is harsh on the lips. The other habit being breathing through the open mouth instead of nose. People who are in continuous habit of doing this have lips that are lacking moisture.

It is not only unfavorable for the lips but the entre mouth. Smoking and chewing tobacco is another very hostile habit that stains the lips and may cause oral cancer. Now that you are aware of the habits, you must try to replace these with the favorable ones like moisturizing your lips from time to time, giving up on habits like cigarette, tobacco and drinking through straw. Better is to keep the lips sealed for maximum time.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

3. Use The Right Lip Balm:

If you are fond of glamour then it might happen that instead of going to the shop with the intention of buying a good lip balm, you end up choosing a colorful one. This habit is not going to bring so much good to your lips. You must recognize what your lips want. You should look for product meant for lip care rather than outshining your lips because the lips will automatically outshine once you start using the right lip balm. You can pick the one containing beeswax, paraffin or petroleum jelly.

These don’t let the balm evaporate from the lips quickly and maintain the moisture on the lips. These soothing properties also save the skin on the lips from heavy exposure to sunlight and the polluted environment. Also, do stay away from the balms that are projected towards fragrance or silicone as these may take away the moisture from the lips.

Use The Right Lip Balm

4. Know When To Seek A Doctor:

Minor lip woes, most of us ignore. However, at times, these become permanent and only destroy the beauty of the lips. When these don’t go away on its own, it is time to seek a doctor. Some lip problems are caused by infection or poor nutrition. These definitely make the reason of visiting a doctor. The fatigue & dehydration also become the reason of a bigger problem starting with minor cracks on the lips.

It is very important to look after the reason of cracks on lips or chappy lips because you never know if it is the ultimate reason behind the worse condition of lips later. At times, dental infection may be the reason for it.

Know When To Seek A Doctor

5. Pick A Healthy Diet:

Eating habits are very much responsible for the healthy complexion. Towards junk food, the skin as well as the lips react badly. The lips react positively to the good intake of vitamins and nutrients. The better you eat, the better your lips will look. Don’t believe so then start a good diet from today onwards and see how your lips become healthy.

You may eat nutrients rich food, fruits and vegetables and add sources of vitamins especially vitamin b and vitamin e. For good lips, it is very important to keep them moist and the greatest way to do that is by sipping eight glasses of water every day. Use a good humidifier in your room to keep the moisture from drawing to your skin.

Pick A Healthy Diet