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5 Ways To Reduce Calf Muscle

After having fat calves, when you go out in public wearing a short skirt or pant, you become the angle of the eye. The attention of being noticed might thrill you but would you enjoy such attention? No definitely not, because who wants to get noticed for a negative reason? It is not true to say that, only fat people have fat calves. Sometimes, you will pass by some lean figure having fat calves. If you happen to be the one having such calves then you might be looking for some means to put off the extra muscle.

Well, it is never too late to begin your pursuit because the calf-reducing tricks work at any age but before bathing in the joy of seeing yourself in a perfect figure, you must try to find out the very reason behind it. Calves swelling is mainly because of water retention i.e. edema leg swelling in the calves and poor circulation of blood in your legs. Having fat calf muscles definitely brings embarrassment in wearing short pants but down here are listed five ways that can help you out in getting rid of excess of calf muscles. Hence, let’s do away with the baggy sweat pants and try out some tricks to get slim calf legs.

5 Ways To Reduce Calf Muscle

1. Yoga

Who on Earth does not know about Yoga and its “Get slim body” miracle? Well, yoga can also be performed for getting smaller and toner calf muscles. Most Yoga forms such as Bhumasana, and Halasana or squats involves your calves and require considerable amount of effort from them. Hence, perform these yoga forms but make sure you do not perform the one, which involves direct effort from them.


2. Massage Your Calves

Massaging your calves is another trick to put off some extra muscles but the better results it will bear if you massage the acupuncture pressure points in your legs. First Accupressure point known as Bladder 40 is located right in the middle of the depression in the back of your knee. Once, you come across this point apply pressure for about 3 seconds while exhaling followed by releasing your finger for 3 seconds and inhaling. Repeat the process 3 times. Second Accupressure point, Bladder 57 is hard to find but it is located in the middle of the lower section of your calf. Start massaging the area from the back of your leg at your heal to the back of your knee gently and follow it 3 times.

Massage Your Calves

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3. Potassium-Rich Foods

The fat calves generally contain higher amount of sodium therefore consuming Potassium-rich meal plays an important role in absorbing the sodium thus helping in shedding this extra muscle. It is true that Potassium absorbs Sodium but more importantly, watch out your sodium intake, as it is the reason behind fat calves. You can increase your potassium intake by consuming foods such as spinach, avocado, banana & chicken breast.

Potassium-Rich Foods

4. Cardio Exercises

Put yourself in a habit of performing 30-60 minutes cardio exercise daily. Make sure that you do not perform laborious and high intensity cardio exercises such as sprinting, and stair running as they may backfire your plans of decreasing calf muscles by accumulating extra muscles around your calf.

Cardio Exercises

5. Jogging Or Running

Jogging in the early morning is not just good for health but is effective in decreasing the calf muscles. Besides, running is another factor that is highly contributes towards reducing your calf size. Make sure that you do running with jogging in the early morning. Further, adding some extra hours of running in the evening can help you achieve this goal faster.

Jogging Or Running