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5 Ways To Use Cloves To Suppress A Troublesome Toothache

5 Ways to Use Cloves to Suppress a Troublesome Toothache

Tooth pain is very bothersome and it interferes with your daily routine. It is very troublesome if it strikes in the night. You can get rid of bothering toothache with the help of the ingredient that is commonly available in most of the homes. Cloves, which are part of your essential kitchen ingredients help to overcome toothache easily. Remedies with cloves help to soothes tooth ache till you seek advice from a dentist.

Here Are 5 Ways To Use Cloves To Suppress A Troublesome Toothache

1. Whole Cloves

Chew the cloves and this process help to curb the tooth pain to greater extent. As you bite cloves, oil is released and acts as analgesic and helps in soothing the tooth that is hurt. Cloves may taste bitter and you may find little tingling sense on gums and tongue. This analgesic effect lasts for two hours and bitter taste subsides within ten minutes. This is an excellent way to curb tooth pain until you seek medical advice [1].


2. Ground Cloves

Ground cloves can be used to suppress tooth ache for at least some amount of time. Clean your mouth using salt water. Cleanse your hands. Now with the help of your clean finger tips capture a pinch of ground cloves. Apply this in between your cheek and sore gum. This trick curbs the pain quickly.

Ground Cloves

3. Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the effective ways to relieve you from troublesome toothache. You have to compress clove oil on the sore gum. This works as an effective pain killer and gives you relief until you visit dentist. Try to apply the clove oil with the help of cotton balls.

Clove Oil

4. Clove Tea

Clove tea is rich in rich flavor and spicy aroma. Clove tea comes to your rescue if you cannot use just cloves for relieving tooth ache. Drinking clove tea comforts your teeth. This therapeutic tea is loaded with eugenol which is very helpful in reducing inflammation and kills the infectious bacteria.

Clove Tea

5. Gargling With Clove Water

This is another effective way of using cloves that assures you a quick relief from worrying toothache. Take few cloves and grind it to make a fine powder. Add this powder in a glass of warm water. Gargle with this clove water. This process is very effective in removing the bacteria and acts as a pain killer.

Gargling With Clove Water