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50 Home Remedies For Treating Premature Graying Of Hair Naturally

Graying Of Hair

The amounts of stress that we deal with everyday and often poor nutrition are the foremost reasons for the graying hairs. Here is a comprehensive list of the things you can do at home to keep grey hair at bay.

Boiled Amla:

Make a reduction of Amla or Indian gooseberry in coconut oil and use it daily an hour before bath.

Boiled Amla

Cow Milk Butter:

Make butter out of pure cow’s milk and apply all over your scalp.

Cow Milk Butter

Lemon and Coconut Oil:

Make a mix of coconut oil and lemon, then use this regularly for a healthy looking mane.

Lemon and Coconut Oil

Curry and Coconut Tonic:

Make a reduction of curry leaves in coconut oil and apply it as a hair tonic not only for hair re-growth but also for restoring pigment.


Honey Ginger Mix:

Consuming ginger and honey every morning reduces changes of premature graying.

Honey Ginger

Ribbed Gourd Oil:

Make a reduction of ribbed gourd in coconut oil and apply all over the scalp.

Ribbed Gourd

Black Tea:

Prepare a strong batch of liquor tea and let it cool. Now massage it on to your hair and rinse it off.

Black Tea

Onion Juice:

When applied on scalp re-grows darker and healthier hair. Consider the smaller onions for this purpose.

Onion juice

Herbal Shampoo:

Avoid using harsh chemical shampoos unless medically prescribed. Opt for mild and herbal variants instead.

Herbal Shampoo

Black Pepper and Curd Mask:

Combine one gram black pepper with juice of one lemon and a cup of curd. This mask will prevent graying substantially.

Black Pepper and Curd

Chamomile Rinse:

Rinse your head with chamomile tea after every wash.

Chamomile Rinse

Amla Hair Oils:

Specially formulated amla oils are very helpful for hair health.

Coconut Oil soaked Henna Leaves:

Henna mixed with warm coconut oil will bring back the color of your hair naturally.

Lemon Rinse:

Rinse your hair with lemon water as it adds a uniform pigmentation to your mane.

Lemon Rinse

Guava Leaf Mask:

A mask of crushed guava leaves will also prevent premature graying.

Guava Leaf Mask

Amla, Almond and Lemon Tonic:

Make a mixture of amla juice, almond oil and the juice of one lemon to make a hair tonic that will prevent all kinds of hair woes.

Herbal Tea Rinse:

Brew rosemary and sage infused tea and use it as a rinse every time you wash your hair.

Tea Leaf Concentrate:

Concentrated tea extracts help impart a dark hue on grey hair.

Tea Leaf Concentrate

Indian Soap Nuts:

Reetha and shikakai are the best home remedies for any kind of hair troubles.

Indian Soap Nuts

Amla Juice:

Consuming amla juice orally also helps prevent premature graying.

Amla Juice

Curry Leaf In Yoghurt:

Make a mask of curry leaves in yoghurt and apply over scalp.

Rosemary Oil:

Use rosemary oil since the herb has properties to blacken your locks.

Rosemary Oil

Aloe Vera Hair pack:

Apply freshly extracted aloe vera gel as a hair mask.

Aloe vera

Seasame Oil Soaked Henna Leaves:

Make a reduction if henna leaves in sesame oil and apply it daily.

Ashwagandha Herb:

Indian ginseng or ashwagandha improves your melanin secretion which prevents graying.

Ashwagandha Herb

Lingustrum Herb:

Chinese lingustrum herb also has similar natural properties.

Lingustrum Herb

Biotin Intake:

Biotin supplements if consumed can improve your chances to prevent graying prematurely.

Biotin Intake

Vitamin H Foods:

Here H stands for Hair. So consume eggs, walnuts, milk and almonds in your daily diet as they promote hair health.

Bhringaraj Oils:

Indian grandmothers swear by the prowess of bhringaraj oil for a blacker and thicker mane.

Paddle Drying Wet Hair:

Excessive blow drying can burn up the tips and lead to discoloration of the shaft. Hence try to always paddle dry your hair with a wide toothed comb.

Paddle Drying Wet Hair

Henna Walnut Mask:

Hair mask of henna leaves and walnut pulp also prevents graying.

Copper Water:

Store water in a copper utensil and drink it first thing in the morning. Optimum copper levels in our body will stop hair from going grey prematurely.

Copper Water

Bottle Gourd:

Bottle gourd juice helps balance the hormones which often cause premature graying.

Bottle Gourd

Clove Oil:

Apply clove oil to your roots every week.

Clove Oil

Sage Rinse:

Rinse your hair with sage steeped water to get a healthier and darker mane.


Folic Acid:

Include foods rich in folic acid in your diet, such as green vegetables. This will help balance the problem internally.

Mango and Gooseberry Pack:

Make a hair pack of gooseberry and mango seeds and apply once a week.

Lemon infused Almond Oil:

Make a mixture of lemon juice and almond oil. Apply this regularly for even colored hair.

Neem Oil:

Neem oil is another wonderful alternative that can solve any kind of hair problems.


Black Walnut Hulls:

Walnut hulls used in tea can be a fine natural coloring agent whose effects last sometimes up to six months.

Consume Mineral Rich food:

Eat foods rich in copper and zinc for they increase the melanin secretion in our bodies.

Consume Mineral Rich food

Arnica Oil:

Arnica oil extracted from the arnica flowers is this potent herbal oil that can solve graying and related problems of the hair.

Arnica Oil

Bramhi Oil:

Bramhi hair oil can also deliver you of your graying hair woes.

Bramhi Oil

Yoghurt wheat Germ Mask:

Make a mask of equal parts of yoghurt, yeast and wheat germ and apply to the roots of the hair generously.

Yoghurt wheat germ Mask

Omega Fats:

Include Omega rich fishes in your diet. Externally use oils like Emu oil and Mira oil. Omega acids have the power to rejuvenate the dormant pigmentation cells.

Omega Fats

Motia Rosha Oil:

If possible try the benefits of Motia Rosha Oil. It not only helps cure most hair problems but also induces good sleep which is also necessary for problem free hair.

Good Workout:

Stress is a silent killer and so it’s advisable to workout daily. The natural oils that your scalp secretes during the workout, is a natural self defense for your hair.

Good Workout

Henna Protein Pack:

Apply henna to cover your grays with juice of half a lemon, a heaped spoon of coffee and an egg.

Henna Green Pack

Henna Green Pack:

Apply a mask of two parts of henna powder, equal parts of yoghurt, fenugreek paste, basil paste and coffee.

Amla and Eucalyptus Protein Pack:

Put dried amla in strongly brewed tea and add a little eucalyptus oil to this. Let this mixture stay in an iron container all night. Now whisk up an egg with lemon juice and curd and add the overnight concoction to it. Use this pack once every fortnight to maintain a lustrous coverage.

Amla and Eucalyptus Protein Pack

There can be practically no end to the different variations in the remedy. Each of these remedies is effective and can really do wonders to prevent and cover up premature graying. However not every remedy will suit everyone. Find out what works for your and stick to it.