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58 Stunning Uses Of Coconut Oil For Yourself

Coconut oil is such an oil that can be used for your massage, beauty treatment and as well as cooking of the food, cooking food in coconut oil is very healthy that circulates your blood movements throughout the body, make less cholesterol and ketones are a present in the oil. The properties of the oi are highly beneficial that helps in treating various health oriented problem, so compared to other oil coconut oil is highly safe and healthy. The most important are the antibacterial, anti fungal and the anti viral property makes the oil important in the following way.

Here Are Some Of The Stunning Uses Of Coconut Oil:

1. Moisturizer

Coconut oil acts as a moisturizer to the hair and your skin of the body, it keeps your body far away from dryness. The massage can be applied to the whole body along with the hair.


2. Conditioner

Coconut oil is a good conditioner for your hair apply it and keep it overnight and wash your hair with shampoo the next day, you will find the difference.

3. Healthy

The cooked food in the coconut oil is very healthy, it helps in proper and easy digestion , above all it contains a high calorie that should be used in small quantity.

4. Fungal Infections

Fungal infections in your legs or the hand any external part of the body apply an amount of coconut oil on the infection the fungus slowly gets reduced due to the presence of capric acid.

Fungal Infections

5. Cold Sores Or Viral Infections

Lauric acid is present in the coconut oil that does not cure but controls the spreading and growth of the viral infection appeared external part of the body.

Cold sores or viral infections

6. Wood Polish

If you have old wooden furniture that requires to be polished, then you can use coconut oil that not only cleanses but gives a shiny or polished appearance to the wooden furniture.

Wood polish

7. Low Cholesterol

Cooking with coconut oil is healthy because it contains vitamin E and polyphenols with no cholesterols, so for low or no cholesterol coconut oil can be used.

8. Soothe Fly Bites

Inflaming and painful bite from flies can be reduced through the apply of coconut oil on the bites, the itching and the swelling reduces to a great extent when applied making a good effect on the skin.

9. Oil/ Butter Replacement

You can cook food in coconut oil which can be a better choice than the other vegetable oils or butter as it cuts of the fat which are present in the other oils and preparation of the food smells tasty.

Oil/ Butter replacement

10. SPF Lip Balm

You can prepare a SPF lip balm from the coconut oil, which moisturizes your lips and keeps it soft that is enriched in the nutrients, makes your lips better.

11. Exfoliating Body Scrub

The best form of scrub that can be obtained from one of the ingredient is coconut oil which can exfoliate to make your skin much more clean and soften, to make you look more attractive.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

12. Massage Oil

Massage your whole body with the coconut oil that makes the skin glow because of the vitamin E and it contains antioxidants that improves the body skin, coconut oil is used by many therapists as massage oil.

Massage Oil

13. Fights Inflammation

The coconut oil is an anti inflammatory that can ease pain, swell and infection due to the presence of lauric acid it can fight inflammation.

14. Rash Soother

Coconut oil is a rash soother as it gives a huge relieve to the skin due to the presence of lauric and capric acids which works as  anti viral or anti fungus  that helps in reducing the germs that caused the rashes.

15. Bath Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most better form of bath oil that can be used because of the good qualities of the coconut oil.

16. Prevent Lice

Coconut oil can be used in your hair to remove lice, because the smell of the coconut oil cannot be tolerated by the lice inside the hair.

17. Wound Care

The wounds on the external part of the body can be treated with the coconut oil because it is anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral, so it has lauric acid that eases the wound pain.

Wound Care

18. Aromatherapy

Coconut oil is used in various types of the aromatherapy that makes the body pain free and the skin turns firm due to presence of vitamin E and antioxidants.

19. Constipation Relief

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that reduces the fat present and is saturated , proper digestion can take place through coconut oil cooked food and reduces constipation.

Constipation Relief

20. Faded Age / Sun Spots

Antioxidants and vitamin E are present coconut oil that helps in firming the skin and reducing the dark spots of the skin, so the application of the coconut oil can be useful.

21. Dry Elbows

Dry elbows can be softened by the application of the coconut oil on regular basis, giving a glow and soft feeling.

Dry elbows

22. Insect Repeller

The smell of the coconut oil is intolerable by the insects so it acts as a very good insect repeller and keeps mosquitoes and  house flies away from the house.

23. Bee Sting Soother

Lauric acid in the coconut oil helps in reducing the sting pain from the bees and gives a firm skin , reduces the swelling due to the poisonous sting when applied properly .

24. Preserve Egg Shells

For long shelves life you can apply a layer of coconut oil on  the shells of the eggs that gives the eggs longer life, does not get rotten easily and thus you can cook it any time, you want.

Preserve egg shells

25. Athletes Foot

Athlete are one of the hard work that may cause a lot of pain during their regular practice, so their feet are massaged with the coconut oil that work as a therapy and reduces pain of the body and feet.

26. Prevents Stretch Marks

The quality of the coconut oil to firm the skin works on the stretch marks that occurred during the pregnancy, it lightens the darkness and the marks when applied for few months.

27. Detangler

Coconut oil works good as detangler for your hair, if your hair has a tendency to tangle, apply coconut oil, it is a good conditioner, and will remove your tangles.


28. Cracked Heels

Firms your heels on the continuous application of the coconut oil and keeps it soft and firm due to the presence of the antioxidants.

29. Sunscreen

Coconut oil can work as a sunscreen, the most important is that coconut oil is a natural sunscreen with no toxics present in it with SPF of 10.


30. Improves Blood Flow

Foods cooked in coconut oil is highly health beneficial because the presence of fatty acids that reduces the fat intake and therefore it helps in reducing the complications of blood flow.

31. Cradle Cap

Sometimes your infants can be treated with coconut oil on the yellowish spots that are developed on the head known as cradle cap and therefore the application of coconut oil can help in reducing cradle cap.

32. Reduces Ringworm

Sometimes our feet is infected by fungus to have diseases like ring worm, application of the coconut oil at least twice a day  reduces the ringworm being an anti fungal.

Reduces ringworm

33. Scalp Dandruff Treatment

Coconut oil is highly useful for the dandruff treatment for our scalp, as dandruff are also a form of fungus in our scalp reduced through the anti fungal coconut oil.

34. Reduces Fine Lines

Sometimes few marks remain till long time in your body they are so fine that makes a difference which can be removed through the coconut oil to make the skin smoother.

Reduces Fine Lines

35. Osteoporosis

Osteroporosis  is the disease that can be reduced by the massage where the coconut oil penetrates through the skin and the anti oxidant property of the oil helps in increase of the volume of the bones.

36. Food Poisoning

Coconut oil is enriched with vitamin E and less fat with ketone that helps in the digestion of the food so the antioxidants .

37. Tattoo Moisturizers

Tattoo can be moisturized by the coconut oil, so that it softens and looks more prominent and shiny.

Tattoo Moisturizers

38. Dust Repeller

Your table will look shiny and glossy when cleaned the dust with an small amount of coconut oil and a piece of cloth , at the same time it resists the layer of the dust to settle down.

Dust Repeller

39. Cheek Bone High Lighter

Use coconut oil as cheek none high lighter, it works when you have a natural and apply the coconut oil the features of the face are properly highlighted.

40. Grease Baking Pans

Use coconut oil to grease your pan by rubbing a small amount of it on the pan and then apply any other oil and cook food, grease can be removed easily.

 Grease baking pans

41. Soothe A Dry Canine Nose

Dry canine nose of your dog, that can be moisturized by applying or rubbing coconut oil on the nose of the dog

42. Grease Bicycle

Sometimes your bicycle chain get stuck, it requires greasing , coconut oil helps it in greasing with cleaning of dust and dirt.

Grease bicycle

43. Target Eczema

Eczema can be removed or cured through the coconut oil because of the anti fungal property, applied reduces itching and swelling.

44. On Plant Leaves

For shine and glossy lookyou can apply a few drops of coconut oil on the plant leaves that gives a shiny appearance and does not harm the plants at the same time.

 On plant leaves

45. Minimum Heartburn

Heart remains healthy with coconut oil as a cooking oil as less cholesterol are formed, less indigestions occur with less heart burn because of the properties of coconut oil.

46. Blood Vessels

Blood vessels ruptured bruise below the skins can be treated through the coconut oil as it can penetrate through the skin.

47. Acne

Your face can look fresh , reducing acne by the coconut oil applied a few drops daily on the face  as vitamin E is present alon g with anti oxidants along with being an anti bacterial.


48. Stain Remover

Stains can be removed through the coconut oil, apply few drops of coconut oil and rub it with the cloth, a clean and shiny surface is found.

49. Prevents Split Ends

Long hair have one big problem is the split ends of your hair, that can be reduced by applying a little warm coconut oil on your hair and keep in it overnight.

50. Breadth Re Freshener

Take a spoon of coconut oil and keep it inside your open mouth for few a minute remove it, you will find a refreshing smell is obtained from your mouth.

Breadth Re freshener

51. Ink Cleaner

Hands are filled with the ink, rub hand with coconut oil and wait four three to four minutes and then wash your hand, it will be clean.

Ink cleaner

52. Metal Polish

Polish your metallic things with coconut oil it not only gives a shiny and glossy appearance but at the same time removes all the stains, keeping the metal clean and dirt free.

53. Dark Circle Remover

Antioxidants present in the coconut oil can remove the dark spots on your face naturally and it is better than other toxic products, there is no side effect.

Dark Circle Remover

54. Helps In Hair Strengthening

If you have long hair then applying of the coconut oil will strengthen your long hair and at the same time reduce dandruff that leads to less hair fall making you hair longer day by day.

Helps in hair strengthening

55. Motor Lubricant

Small motor can be treated with the coconut oil as lubricator, it smoothens the motor and cleans the motor easily to run.

56. Alzheimer Disease

Reduces alzheimer diseases, as ketone are present in the coconut oil that is highly required by the brain, that continues maintaining the glucose balance, thus reducing the brain disease.

57. Abdominal Fat

The storage of too much of fat and carbohydrates leads to the fat in the abdomen, coconut oil reduces fat because of fatty acids and ketone reduces hunger, for which less food is taken leading you to eat proportionately and therefore cut inner fats with the help of fatty acids.

Abdominal Fat

58. Dust Repellent

Repels dust, the places rubbed and cleaned with coconut oil can make the place dust free and shiny, as no dust layer can stay on the coconut oil and so called as dust repeller.

Dust Repellent