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6 Amazing Green Tea Detox Drink Recipes For Weight Loss

Packed with a high dose of anti-oxidants, green tea is a terrific weight loss tool to be included in your weight loss diet. It offers protection against infections by boosting immunity and spikes up body’s metabolism which in turn leads to weight loss. Regular intake of green tea triggers release of fat burning hormone called nor epinephrine in the body which helps in breaking down fat cells. In fact, people who follow a regular exercise routine experienced a considerable drop in their body weight when they started drinking green tea. Green tea has a very subtle flavor which might turn boring for the taste buds after some time. Hence, its best to use it as a base for your weight loss drinks by adding some fresh fruits into it. Here are some amazing green tea detox drink recipes to help you fight flab.

1. Cucumber And Mint Iced Green Tea

This drink is a wonderful way to supercharge your body with the goodness of cucumber and fresh mint leaves. Cucumbers are loaded with essential minerals yet are low in calories. Mint makes for an amazing addition to green tea because of its rejuvenating aroma and flavor. Being a storehouse of anti-oxidants, it spruces up the immunity boosting power of green tea. It helps beat any bloating caused by impaired digestion by relaxing the gastrointestinal tract. To make the tea, brew two teaspoons of green tea leaves in five cups of boiling water for two minutes. Strain the tea mixture and let it cool. Transfer the cooled green tea in a large bowl. Tip in a cup of sliced cucumbers. Tear six to seven fresh mint leaves with your hands and add them to the tea mixture. Stir in four teaspoons of honey and let tea concoction chill in the refrigerator for an hour. Before serving the tea add two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice into the tea mixture and transfer the contents into serving glasses. While serving this tea you can choose to strain all or some of the cucumber and mint leaves before pouring it into serving glasses. Top each glass with crushed ice and serve.

 Cucumber And Mint Iced Green Tea

2. Orange Iced Green Tea

For those wishing to shed some pounds consuming fresh whole fruits is considered better than fruit juice as whole fruits are known to contain lesser calories and sugars than fruit juice. Oranges have a high fiber content which creates a feeling of fullness and is low in calories too. They are packed with energy boosting nutrients which help keep your body nourished during weight loss. Adding whole oranges to green tea gives a nice citrus punch to an otherwise bland green tea. To make orange green tea, steep two green tea bags in five cups of boiling water for five minutes. Discard the tea bags and let the tea cool. Add deseeded sections of one whole orange to the cooled tea mixture. You can add some bits of orange rind after scraping off its pith into the tea infusion. Stir in a teaspoon of lemon juice and four teaspoons of honey and place the tea infusion in the refrigerator for chilling. Transfer the chilled tea mixture into serving glasses and add a tablespoon of crushed ice over the tea and serve.

Orange Iced Green Tea

3. Lavender Iced Green Tea

Adored for their soothing fragrance, lavender blossoms have a wide culinary and medicinal usage. Tea made from lavender flowers helps in shedding extra pounds by providing relief from flatulence and indigestion. The fragrance of lavender blossoms is also known to contribute to weight loss by relieving anxiety and depression which have a strong correlation with overeating. To make iced lavender green tea, immerse two green tea bags in five cups of boiling water. Add a pinch of dried lavender and let it steep in the tea water for five minutes. Add five teaspoons of honey and place the tea infusion in refrigerator for chilling. When the tea has chilled add one tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Fill the bottom of serving glasses with crushed ice and pour lavender green tea infusion over it. Garnish with fresh lavender sprigs and enjoy.

Lavender Iced Green tea

4. Rose Petals Iced Green Tea

Rose petals with their revitalizing fragrance help in easing tension that creeps in after you switch to a low calorie diet and helps you stay focused in your goal. Rose tea has a great relevance in easing digestive issues as it helps in restoring healthy bacteria in the gut and fights infections. It also helps the body in eliminating any toxins and contributes to weight loss. To prepare iced rose green tea, steep two to three tea bags in five to eight cups of boiling water for three minutes. Add half a teaspoon of dried rose petals or seven to eight fresh petals to the tea mixture. Transfer the tea into a large tea pot and stir in three teaspoons of maple syrup and place the tea container in the freezer to chill it. Fill bottom half of the serving glasses with crushed ice and pour rose tea over it. Add three to four drops of fresh lemon juice into each glass and serve.

Rose Petals Iced Green Tea

5. Apricot Iced Green Tea

Apricots are loaded with vital anti-oxidants and fiber which help in inducing body’s detoxification process which is crucial in any weight loss program. The delicious flavor they possess makes them a delightful inclusion in any weight loss tea recipe. To prepare the tea simply brew two to three teaspoons of dried green tea in five to six cups of boiling water for five minutes. Strain the tea and add six to seven cored and coarsely muddled fresh apricots. You can add a teaspoon or more of maple syrup to
sweeten the tea infusion. Place the tea and fruit concoction in the refrigerator. When the tea mixture has chilled, transfer it to serving glasses filled with crushed ice.

Apricot Iced Green Tea

6. Grapefruit Iced Green Tea

Grapefruit is another powerful weight loss tool that needs to be incorporated in your weight loss drink recipes. It helps the body burn fat easily by providing adequate amounts of fiber and spruces up metabolism. The fragrance of grapefruit helps in eliminating food cravings. For preparing grapefruit tea, brew three to four green tea bags in eight cups of boiling water and let it cool. Discard the tea bags and place the tea in refrigerator. Add a few chunks of fresh pink grapefruit and stir two to three tablespoons of honey in the tea mixture. Pour the infusion into ice filled serving glasses. Garnish with some sprigs of fresh cilantro.

Grapefruit Iced Green Tea


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