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6 Amazing Ways To Use Honey To Get Rid Of Acne

How many acne products you have tried till date? No doubt most of you must have all the possible solution and remedy to get rid of those acne. Let it be any formulated face wash, cream or face pack. Home remedies work wonders for most of our skin concerns including acne. How about using honey on your nasty acne? We have been using honey in most of our homemade facial masks due to its natural moisturizing and nourishing properties. But you must be surprised to know that honey alone can also help you to get rid of acne. Honey is rich in high anti oxidant properties, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties too. Hence it is a great ingredients to reduce the acne.

Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Use Honey To Get Rid Of Acne:

1. Detox Your System With Honey

Most of us swear by this detoxing technique. Detoxification is equally important to get clean and clear skin since it helps to detoxify the system and throw out impurities and toxins from your body. Once you get up in the morning make this quick detoxing drink with one glass of warm water, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice. Drink it on empty stomach. This drink would help to cleanse your system and give you the clearer and brighter skin by controlling the breakouts in a natural way.

Detox Your System With Honey

2. Honey Lemon Facial Mask

This mask comes to rescue when we are looking for an instant glow on our face. But do you know that apart from giving you a natural glow it also helps to control and reduce those ugly acne bumps as well? Due to anti bacterial properties of both the ingredients this mask would help to reduce the acne and even reduce the acne scar as well. I know you would not need the recipe but still we would tell you the same. Just take one tablespoon of honey and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix it and apply on your face for 15 minute. This mask can be used everyday.

Honey Lemon Facial Mask

3. Honey With Cinnamon

Apart from giving a punch to your recipes cinnamon powder also helps to diminish your acne as well. You must have seen many beauty experts going ga ga over this magical ingredient. The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties makes it an effective ingredients for acne reduction. Lets combine it with honey to enhance the results. Mix two teaspoons of cinnamon powder with four teaspoons of honey. You might feel a bit tingling sensation once you apply the mask due to cinnamon.

Honey With Cinnamon

4. Honey With Nutmeg

Do you know Nutmeg contains stimulating and anti inflammatory properties which works like magic on acne ? Similar to cinnamon you can use nutmeg as well to reduce your acne. It even helps to reduce the acne scars as well. Now how to use nutmeg powder for acne ? Simple. Just prepare the mask with honey and apply on your face like your regular face masks. Take one teaspoon of nutmeg powder and two teaspoons of pure honey. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder to it to enhance the results. Keep it on your face for 25 minutes.

Honey With Nutmeg

5. Honey With Fresh Aloe Vera

We love to massage the fresh extracted aloe vera gel on our face to soften it. But how about using to it vanish the acne? Its soothing properties helps to calm and soothe the acne swelling and redness . Simply take out the fresh aloe vera gel from stem and mix it with honey to prepare an anti acne mask.

Honey With Fresh Aloe Vera

6. Honey As A Cleanser

Most of us simply use just honey to cleanse and moisturize the face. Do you know honey is equally effective for blackheads and acne as well? Regular application of honey helps to deep cleanse the skin pores and remove all the impurities, dirt, excess sebum and acne causing bacteria. You can use honey as an cleanser by simply massaging it on your face daily for few minutes. If you find it sticky then you can warm it a bit before application.

Honey As A Cleanser