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6 Beauty Benefits Of Ice Cubes You Should Know

You must be wondering what would be the beauty benefits of Ice Cubes. We generally use it during the facials or to sooth the redness on our skin. But today we are going to discuss about some amazing benefits of ice cubes. Ice cubes are easily available in our kitchen and easy to prepare as well. You just need a water and an ice tray . That’s it. So lets have a look how you can use this simple ice cubes to take care of your skin effectively.

Beauty Benefits Of Ice Cubes You Should Know

1. For Acne

Ice cubes would help you to combat acne very well. It would help to reduce the redness and inflammation of the acne with regular usage. It would also help to soothe the acne and irritated skin. To use ice cubes on acne just take an ice cube and wrap it an muslin cloth. Now apply this ice cube on the affected area and hold it for at least for 10 minutes. This would help to shrink the acne from the first use itself.

For Acne

2. Exfoliate Skin With Ice

We generally mix the ingredients and make a paste to use it as a exfoliator or scrub. But here ice cubes would make your life easy. Rather than freezing the plain water you can freeze the mixture of these ingredients as put in the ice tray. You can add a mixture of honey, oatmeal and milk and pour it in the ice tray. You can also prepare a mixture of fresh fruits such as papaya, mango or grapes by grinding into a thick paste. Just use this ice cubes to massage your face for few minutes and you would get a well exfoliated and brighter skin with every usage.

Exfoliate Skin With Ice

3. Revitalize Your Eyes

Most of us complain about tires, swelled and puffy eyes when we wake up in the morning. You can get rid of those puffy eyes effectively with the help of ice cubes. The remedy is very simple. You would just need to wrap an ice cube in a muslin cloth and hold it gently over your eyes for a minute. You can also freeze cucumber juice with mint leaves or green tea to soothe your eyes.

Revitalize Your Eyes

4. Face Primer

Yes. Ice Cubes also help you to stay your make up for longer time. You would just need to rub an ice cube for a minute before applying a foundation and pat dry . You can also apply the moisturizer after rubbing the ice cube on your face . Ice cubes would help you to smooth out your skin and shrink your pores. It would also help to smooth out the application of make up.

Face Primer

5. Post Waxing Soothing

Many of us face the redness and bumps after waxing session or after using hair epilators. You can soothe the redness and those bumps with ice cubes. You can simply rub an ice cube on the affected area for few minutes to get instant relief. You can also freeze fresh aloe vera gel for additional benefits.

Post Waxing Soothing

6. Toner

Ice cubes works very well as a toner. Ice cubes help to shrink the pores and control the secretion of excess oil and sebum very well. Just rub an ice cube all over your face after cleansing it and let it dry. Follow up with your regular moisturizer. You can freeze the green tea or rose water also to get the additional benefits for your skin.