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6 Best Food Combinations To Ease Your Hangover

Hangovers are that one pet peeve to a party night. Needless to say, it is that one piercing pain that might shoot our head down to smithereens but would never shoot down our spirits to party yet again on another weekend. The best remedy to beating a hangover is prevention or controlled drinking at the most. But what if you could not stop yourself from letting things get out of hand? And wake up to a brutal headache the next morning to work?

The best solution to your hangover is that you sleep it off and not spend the entirety of party socializing. You need to get atleast 6 hours of sound sleep to let the hangover subside. In the absence of sleep, your body does not get its time to heal and it is always better to escape from the worst part of hangover by sleeping. If you feel a little tipsy than usual, hit the sack and not the disco!Here are certain quick diet remedies to help you soothe your hangover the day after.

Here Are The 6 Best Food Combinations To Ease Your Hangover:

1) Water And Electrolytes

Though people advise exercise right after a night of party, the implications could be dangerous if you are not sufficiently hydrated. This is because alcohol being elementally diuretic can cause dehydration. A probable solution would be to down a glass of water with every intake of beer you have to save yourself from a head-splitting ache the next morning.

Consequently electrolytes in your sports drinks have enough sugar and salt to replenish your empty tanks. The natural go to electrolyte drink would be coconut water if you plan on saving your liver from the onslaught of even more chemicals after the alcohol it is not tasked to get rid of.


2) Toast And Crackers

Yes, it is important to have a breakfast that acts as your nurse. One of the main reasons why one tends to feel unusually exhausted and irritable after the night after is that your blood sugar levels are down. And your liver that processes sugar from existing carbohydrates is busy working on the complicated mess of the alcohol in your body. So it is best to treat yourself to some carbs like crackers and toast as soon as you make up in the morning. It is also better if you eat heavy right before drinking as opposed to on an empty stomach.


3) Pretzels And Bananas

Bananas have potassium and pretzels have salt. Enough said for your natural electrolyte is ready for you and you do not have to rush, checking out that medicine cabinet of yours, trying to distinguish one pill from another. All you have to do is dice your bananas and mix it in your pretzels for your breakfast.


4) Ginger Tea And Dates

Feel a bout of motion sickness going to hit you any moment? Do you feel helpless that you cannot do anything except feel nauseous at the moment? Then pour in some ginger tea and sip it slowly, enjoying it the Japanese way! You can dip in your dates in the tea as the iron content in the dates will definitely provide you the strength which you have lost.


5) Egg And Soup

Eggs have vitamins and essentials like amino acids that boost your liver function and breaks down the chemical called acetaldehyde which causes you headaches quicker. In addition to this a quickly made soup, tinned or fresh will replenish your system with all the sodium that you might have lost out on.


6) Oatmeal And Almonds

Almonds have the good fats that prevent the absorption of alcohol into your system. In addition to this,oatmeal have starchy carbohydrates that release happy hormones like serotonin that improve your mood for the day the night after.

While it may seem very irresistible taking control of the steering wheel at this point of time, it would be infinitely more better if you instead choose the slow and calm walk to your home as it gives time to your body to clear its head and feel lighter. If you ask your brain to take conscious, controlled and balanced steps, then that would help you easily sober down.