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6 DIY Cucumber And Yogurt Hydrating Facial Masks For Summer

Summer days are dry and difficult for the skin. The skin tends to lose its natural moisture content, looks dull and dehydrated. It is important to keep the skin soft, hydrated and fresh with a few homemade masks. If you allow your skin to remain dry and dehydrated for a long time, it can damage your skin. There are a few natural ingredients which can be used to prepare homemade packs which will keep your skin soft and moisturized, in spite of the dryness. Since the packs are made of completely natural materials, they are not going to have any kind of side effects. Try them once and you will love how your skin stays even in the harsh summer days.

Here Are 6 Diy Cucumber And Yogurt Hydrating Facial Masks For Summer:

1. Yogurt, Cucumber, and Honey Mask:

This is one of the best protecting and cooling masks for the summer days. Your skin stays cool, soft and hydrated. For this soft mask, you need four tablespoons grated cucumber, two tablespoons thick yogurt and one teaspoon honey. Whisk all the three ingredients well so that they combine. Once you have a smooth consistency, you can store the mixture in the refrigerator for twenty minutes.

You can then apply the mask on your skin. Massage in a circular motion and leave it to dry. You can remove the mask when completely dry. Your skin shall stay soft and hydrated throughout the day.

Yogurt, Cucumber, and Honey Mask


2. Cucumber Juice, Yogurt, and Apple Juice Mask:

This is an enriching pack for the skin, containing all the vital nutrients which help to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, throughout summer. Apple juice helps in restoring the lost moisture and keeps the skin soft internally. For this pack, you need three tablespoons cucumber juice, one tablespoon thick yogurt, and two tablespoons apple juice or pulp.

Mix the ingredients. Apply the mask with the help of a brush if needed. Ensure your face is fully covered with the mask. Let it dry and then you can remove the mask with cold water. Your face will never lose its freshness in summer.

Cucumber Juice, Yogurt, and Apple Juice Mask

3. Yogurt, Mashed Bananas, and Cucumber Mask:

Bananas are highly beneficial for the skin. They help in tightening the skin and add natural softness and smoothness. They help in restoring the moisture of the skin. To prepare this mask, you need to first mash one whole banana well so that there are no lumps. To this mashed banana, add one teaspoon of yogurt, three tablespoons of cucumber juice and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mix well so that all ingredients are mixed well.

Apply the mask on your clean face and lightly massage. You can rinse your face after thirty minutes. Your face shall feel soft and hydrated.

Yogurt, Mashed Bananas, and Cucumber Mask

4. Yogurt, Cucumber, and Potato Mask:

Potato juice or pulp is rich in vitamins and minerals which form a protective layer over the skin. The skin stays protected from the harmful rays of the skin and helps in slowing down moisture loss. To prepare the pack, you need three tablespoons potato juice or pulp, one tablespoon yogurt and two tablespoons yogurt. Whisk well so that the yogurt doesn’t have any lumps and the ingredients are well combined. You can add an ice cube for additional comfort before applying the mask.

Apply the mask all over your face and leave it for thirty minutes. Once the mask dries up, you can remove it with normal water. Use the pack thrice a week for best results.

Yogurt, Cucumber, and Potato Mask

5. Milk Cream, Yogurt, and Cucumber Mask:

Milk cream is a rich source of milk proteins which are said to be healthy for the skin. You need two tablespoons of milk cream and one tablespoon of thick yogurt. Mix well so that there are no lumps. Add one tablespoon of cucumber pulp or grated cucumber in the mixture. Give the mixture a stir and leave it for ten minutes in the refrigerator. Add one teaspoon of honey and mix again.

Your mask is now ready to be applied. Apply this on your face and massage gently so that the mask gets absorbed into the skin. Leave it for thirty minutes. You can then remove the pack with cold water. Your skin shall feel fresh and soft.

Milk Cream, Yogurt, and Cucumber Mask

6. Yogurt, Cucumber and Orange Juice:

Orange juice will offer the much needed vitamin C for your skin. You need equal quantities of the three ingredients. Mix well and refrigerate the mixture for thirty minutes. Use a cotton ball to apply the mask on your face. Gently massage your skin so that the mask gets absorbed. You can remove the mask with normal water after thirty minutes. Use this cooling and hydrating mask everyday during the summer to reduce risks of dry, dehydrated skin.

Yogurt, Cucumber and Orange Juice