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6 DIY Hair Packs For Thick Combination Hair

Combination hair is one of the most difficult to manage hair types since they are a unique mixture of dry and oily hair. Some people have dry scalp and others have oily scalp. Thick and long combination hair looks strikingly beautiful but it needs a lot of care to maintain. If proper care is not taken, hair tends to get damaged with split ends. There are problems of dandruff too. Homemade hair packs can provide suitable nourishment to the tresses. Hair roots are strengthened and looks fresh and bouncy.

Here Are The 6 DIY Hair Packs For Thick Combination Hair:

1. Strawberry Antioxidant Pack

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants which are excellent for combination hair. Strawberry pulp makes hair soft and shiny. To prepare this pack, you need two cups of pureed strawberries. Add two eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Once you have a thick and smooth consistency, you can apply the pack. Cover your hair using a cap. Let the pack remain for thirty minutes. You can then wash your hair using a mild shampoo. Long and thick hair gets a natural shine and freshness.


2. Peppercorns Pack

Peppercorns are known to help in improving the texture of combination hair. They make hair lustrous and soft in a short time. You need three teaspoons of peppercorns and one cup of lime juice. Blend both the ingredients till you have a smooth paste. Apply this pack on your hair roots. Use a warm towel and keep your hair covered. This will ensure deep penetration of the pack which will make the pack effective. You can rinse off the pack after an hour. Apply this pack thrice a week for best results.


3. Almond And Banana Pack

Almonds are rich in antioxidants which help in nourishing hair roots from within. Banana has plenty of phosphorous which makes hair strong and healthy. Thick hair needs almond oil which keeps the hair soft, nourished and hydrated. To prepare this pack, you need one tablespoon of warm almond oil. You can mash one ripe banana. Mix almond oil and banana and mix well. Apply the pack on your thick long hair. Apply it on the scalp too. Massage gently for five minutes so that the pack is well absorbed into the skin. Let it remain for thirty minutes and then rinse off. Your hair shall look bright and fresh.


4. Onion Juice Pack

Onion juice helps in cleansing hair, adds to the softness and keeps the scalp healthy. Onion juice is helpful for combination hair as it effectively reduces excessive oil in the scalp and hydrates hair strands especially when the hair is thick. It helps to soften hair, especially dryness in case of combination hair. To prepare this pack, you need four tablespoons of onion juice. Add some water and stir to have an even consistency. If you have dandruff problem, you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this pack on your hair and scalp. Massage lightly so that all hair is coated with onion juice. Let it dry and then rinse off using warm water.


5. Egg And Milk Pack

Eggs add a natural bounce, shine and promote hair growth. Long and thick hair tends to get a bit limp and dull, especially during the winter. This kind of hair needs regularly cleansing to keep the scalp clean and oil free. The scalp tends to get oily and hair dry in many cases which cause hair fall and split ends. For this pack, you need to beat three eggs till you have a smooth and fluffy consistency. Add three tablespoons full cream which will keep your hair hydrated and soft. Mix milk cream and eggs till the consistency is smooth. Milk cream tends adds natural moisture to thick hair and keeps it soft. Apply the pack when ready and let it dry. You can rinse after one hour. Apply this pack every alternate day if your hair is long and thick but looks dull and limp.


6. Fenugreek And Coconut Milk Pack

This is an effective pack which promotes hair growth, cleanses thick hair and keeps the scalp healthy for those with combination hair. For this pack, you need three tablespoons of fenugreek paste and one teaspoon of coconut milk. Stir well so that the paste mixes well with coconut milk. Wet your hair and then apply the paste all over your hair and let it remain for thirty minutes at least. You can rinse off with warm water. Coconut milk adds luster and shine to long and thick hair. Apply this pack thrice a week for best results.