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6 DIY Methods To Keep The Body Hydrated

Today, because of global warming we are experiencing increase in the temperature every year. We all know that the increase in temperature is not good for use but do you know in what sense it is not good and how it may affect us? The foremost effect of this rising temperature together with pollution can be easily witnessed on our skin. Every day we tend to go out and lose so much of the water content of our body. The loss of water makes the skin dry, rough and paves way for several kinds of skin disorders such as acnes, eczema and many more. We often complain of our skin losing its soft and greying at an early age. Only if somehow we could rectify this dehydration problem, we would have achieved success in nursing our skin back to life. Now aren’t you curious about knowing the secret to such transformation? If yes, then read below 6 ways to keep the body hydrated and never experience this problem again.

6 Diy Methods To Keep The Body Hydrated

1. Watermelon

Don’t you want people running all along to come to you to ask about the secret to yours soft, supple and healthy skin? Then start having watermelon everyday to increase the water content some level up. It is no surprise that this amazing fruit contains 92% water. Therefore, why being late and not enjoy this delicious fruit.


2. Smoothies

When it comes to the delicious smoothies, it definitely would make you take the dehydration problem more seriously. Well, it makes me so. You should try it every day because it is not just an easy but delicious solution that comes in multiple forms. The method to prepare it is very easy. Simply pick your favorite fruits, chop them and put into the blender, blend at fast speed for 2 minutes and there is prepared your much needed body hydrating solution. What more can you expect than this? However, if you choose smoothies for hydration purpose then always go for fruits that that more in water content.


3. Coconut Water

Who in the world misses this one? Well, some people drink it for fashion while other are those who actually care for the body. This is another drink that is useful for your hydration purpose. Whenever you drink it, make sure it is unsweetened as it is more hydrating in that form. Therefore, don’t wait for the trip, have it every day and enrich your body with water.

Coconut Water

4. Cucumber

When you are hungry, have salad, it is another amazing water logged fruit. It is composed of 96% of water. Moreover it is high in vitamin content also. Therefore, add more pieces of it in your salad and keep your body hydrated.

eat Cucumber

5. Herbal Tea

Whether it is for enriching your body with essential nutrients or for increasing water content, herbal tea is marvelous for both purpose. This again comes in many different flavors. Although, it might taste bitter to some extent but don’t you want healthy skin outside and smooth running system inside? Although you prepare your own herbal tea but buying from the nearest grocery store is no such bad idea.

Herbal Tea

6. Sports Drink

Don’t worry, these might be artificial but cause no harm to the body. The sugar and sodium contents of such drinks are good for the body. Not just water, they contain useful nutrients also that maintains the normal health of the body.

Sports Drink