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6 DIY Papaya Facial Packs For Glow And Freshness

Papaya has amazing benefits for the skin. It contains papain, which is highly beneficial for the skin. Papain helps in reducing marks, blemishes, removes dead skin cells and keeps skin healthy and fresh. Several facial packs are prepared with papaya and are used on an everyday basis for natural freshness and glow. These packs are prepared with papaya as the main ingredient along with other ingredients, easily available at home.

Here Are 6 DIY Papaya Facial Packs For Glow And Freshness

1. Papaya And Lime Juice Pack

This is an effective pack to reduce blemishes and marks from the skin. You need one large slice of papaya. Mash the papaya and prepare a smooth paste. Add at least ten drops of lemon juice in this pack. Apply the pack evenly on your face. Massage lightly in a circular motion. Leave the pack for an hour. You can then rinse off with cold water. Papaya adds a natural glow and freshness to the skin. It is a great pack for summer.

 Papaya And Lime Juice

2. Papaya And Gram Flour Pack

Gram flour helps in tightening the skin. It helps in reducing the skin exhaustion or the tired look. It cleanses the skin and adds to the brightness. You need one cup of raw papaya paste. Add one tablespoon gram flour in this. Mix well so that you have a thick paste. Add one tablespoon of milk cream if the mixture seems a bit dry. It will add to the effectiveness of the pack. You can rinse off the pack in thirty minutes. Your face shall feel fresh with a natural radiance.

Papaya And Gram Flour

3. Papaya And Tomato Pack

Tomatoes and papaya combine to form a skin lightening pack. This pack brightens the skin by reducing marks and spots. For this pack, you will need one tablespoon of fresh tomato mashed and in a smooth consistency. Add another tablespoon of raw papaya pulp in the same smooth consistency and mix well. Mix well and apply this on your face. Let it remain for at least twenty minutes. Wash off using normal water. You can apply this pack thrice in a week.

Papaya And Tomato

4. Papaya And Aloe Vera Pack

Aloe vera is a miracle plant. It’s juice is beneficial for the skin in several ways.Papaya shall make your skin soft, supple and healthy.To prepare this pack, you need one tablespoon of aloe vera juice. Add this in two tablespoons of smashed ripe papaya juice. You need to have a smooth paste. Apply this pack on your face and neck. Massage in a circular motion for three minutes. Leave it for thirty minutes and wash off using cold water.

 Papaya And Aloe Vera

5. Papaya Avocado Pack

Avocado is known for offering a number of benefits to the skin. To prepare the pack, you will need at least two tablespoons of papaya pulp. You will also need two tablespoon of mashed ripe avocado. You will need one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix and apply this all over your face. Let it remain for ten minutes and wash off with cold water.

Papaya Avocado

6. Papaya And Fuller’s Earth Pack

This pack helps to tackle oily skin which gives the skin a dull look. You need one whole raw papaya, fully mashed and in a smooth consistency. Add one tablespoon of fuller’s earth to this pack. Mix well and apply this pack all over your face. Let the pack dry and then wash off with cold water. Fuller’s earth helps in absorbing excessive oil secretion while the papaya will make your skin soft and radiant.