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6 DIY Peel Off Mask Recepies For Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are black tipped plug that clogs the pore of your skin and look exactly like mole. But unlike moles that add beauty quotient to your face, blackheads simply ruin your facial appearance. So annoying is the feeling when blackheads are spotted that some of you might have tried to scratch or puncture them just so you can get a clean face before a night out.

Peel off masks is available in market but how about making a peel off mask using few ingredients already available in your home? Not only will you get an all natural peel off mask minus any chemically formulated substance, you will also be providing complete skin nourishment in the entire process.

Find Out More About These Six Diy Peel-off Mask That Remove Blackheads Without Affecting The Skin

1. Lemon And Egg Peel-off Mask:

This is the most efficient and deadly combination for removing blackheads. To prepare this mixture, use the egg white of a couple of eggs and mix it with lemon juice and whip it properly to get a paste. Start by applying a thin layer of the mix and put a tissue paper on it.

Next, apply a second layer of this mixture over the tissue paper and wait till it gets dry totally. Peel off the mask to remove the blackheads and get a skin with open pore.

Lemon And Egg Peel-off Mask

2. Peel Off Mask Using Gelatin And Honey

One tablespoon of milk and gelatin is all that is required to make this peel off mask, Mix both the ingredients in the bowl and heat it in a microwave oven for only five seconds and take it out to mix again. This way, the entire mixture shall get even heat. After heating the mixture, take it out of the oven and let it cool down till it becomes optimally warm. Apply the mask on your face for fifteen minutes to remove blackheads.

Peel Off Mask Using Gelatin And Honey

3. Milk And Honey Peel Off Mask

The paste of this mixture has to be thick and smooth in texture. The quantity of ingredient is the same as honey and gelatin peel off mask i.e. one tablespoon each. Milk has the property to provide glowing skin, so use it with honey and put the paste in microwave and let it heat for no more than ten seconds. When it is warm just enough, apply the mixture on blackheads and let it dry for twenty minutes.

Milk And Honey Peel Off Mask

4. Peel Off Mask Using Turmeric Powder, Mint And Gelatin

The mixture comprises of boiled mint leaves, turmeric powder and gelatin. Post boiling, take out the mint water solution and pour it with gelatin and mix it well to get a paste. The quantity; One tablespoon of gelatin, five to ten mint leaves and half teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Apply this paste on affected areas with a brush and leave it for drying before washing the face with cold water. An added advantage- turmeric powder kills bacteria causing infection in skin.

Peel Off Mask Using Turmeric Powder, Mint And Gelatin

5. Milk And Orange Peel Off Mask

Orange peel powder can either be purchased or made at home by drying the orange peels and grinding them to make powder. Mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder with milk to make a peel off mask that removes blackheads.

Milk And Orange Peel Off Mask

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6. Clay Mask

The omnipresent clay mask is probably the last peel off mask that comes into mind. Use rosewater to get better result and to keep the skin fresh even after washing.

Clay Mask