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6 DIY Ways To Include Dark Chocolate In Your Diet For Good Health

Do you love chocolates? Why not have dark chocolates on a regular basis? Dark chocolate has amazing nutritional benefits and helps in achieving good health. It is a rich source of antioxidants, it helps in improving blood flow and is also known to lower blood pressure. You can enjoy this chocolate in many different ways, each time having it in a unique way. Thus, you will not just love the treat, but enjoy it in different forms while improving your health and protecting it from different health issues. However, remember, you need to have it in moderation for best results.

DIY Ways To Include Dark Chocolate In Your Diet For Good Health:

1. Evening Munchie

This is the simplest way to enjoy your favorite chocolate. Just carry it in your box and have it whenever you feel a bit hungry. Small slices of your favorite dark chocolate are great munchies and can be had any time when you feel hungry. However, it is important to have a limited portion each day or you might be increasing your fat intake.

Evening Munchie

2. Grated Chocolates

This is an easy way to have chocolates whenever you feel like. You need to grate one whole large bar of dark chocolate and store it in your refrigerator. In this way, you can use the grated chocolate in any way you wish. You can sprinkle it on your bowl of oatmeal, on your milkshake, ice cream, cakes, puddings, coffee or any other drink.

Grated Chocolates

3. Dark Chocolate Cake

This is the best way to have dark chocolates once in a while and enjoy its nutritional benefits. You can prepare a nutritious and delicious dark chocolate cake and have small bits of it as a dessert. You can also use dark chocolates to garnish your cake or as its frosting, which makes the cake equally delicious and tempting. You can use dark chocolate fillings in your cupcakes too which adds to the softness, flavor and texture of the cake. Choco lava cake is one of the most popular ways to use dark chocolate in cakes. It is a favorite of children and adults alike.

Dark Chocolate Cake

4. Dark Chocolate Drink

Do you love your chocolate drink but worry about the additional calorie intake? Well, if you have dark chocolate drink and add health and nourishment. It is easy to prepare this dark chocolate drink. You simply need some warm milk and dark chocolates. If you are having this drink once in a while you can add some cream too, which will enhance its taste and richness. You can have this drink early in the morning as a part of your breakfast and fill your day with energy and vitality.

Dark Chocolate Drink

5. Chocolate Curls Garnishing

Chocolate curls look stylish and elegant whenever they are used as a garnishing. You can garnish ice-creams, pudding or your fresh fruit plate with these beautiful chocolate curls. These curls are small in size, lightweight and can be used as a light garnishing. They help in healthy ending of a meal. You can serve a delicious plate of plums, apples, peaches and grapes with the chocolate curls.

Chocolate Curls Garnishing

6. Chocolate Filled Baked Goodies

This is the most common way to have dark chocolates. You can use dark chocolate chips in your cookies and muffins. You can use dark chocolate flakes as a garnish for your pastries. You can simply add chunks of this delicious chocolate in any sweet dessert and serve it.

Chocolate Filled Baked Goodies