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6 DIY Ways To Keep Colored Hair Healthy And Reduce Roughness In Summer

Hot summer is the time when we face several types of skin and hair problems. One of the most common problems is fading of hair color and unhealthy dull looking hair. You can take care of how your hair looks in the summer ways with a few DIY tricks. With these unique and interesting DIY ways, you will be able to keep your hair color fresh, your hair hydrated, soft and moisturized. If you had been facing a lot of problems lately and struggling to keep your hair healthy and its color vibrant, you need some quick ways.

Here Are 6 DIY Ways To Keep Colored Hair Healthy And Reduce Roughness In Summer:

1. Apply Avocado Mask:

Colored hair tends to get dehydrated and starts fading in the summer months. An avocado mask helps in reducing hair dehydration and helps in keeping the hair color intact. To prepare the avocado mask, you need four or five tablespoons of avocado, two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of olive oil and three tablespoons of buttermilk to prepare a paste. You can apply this mask on your hair every day and let it dry. Once dry you need to rinse off your hair and apply a conditioner. This mask is quite effective in keeping your hair color intact and will reduce roughness and dryness.

Apply Avocado Mask

2. Hot Oil Treatment:

Hot oil treatment is one of the most recommended ways to ensure your colored hair stays healthy and bright throughout the harsh summer. Often, exposure to heat and light tends to fade away hair color. If you apply warm almond oil on your towel dried hair and leave it covered for at least 60 minutes. Let the oil cool down and then you can rinse your hair with cold water. Doing this on a regular basis will help in maintaining the health and shine of your hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

3. Use Turbans and Headbands:

Adopt this summer trend to keep your hair color healthy and fresh. You can prepare head scarves or headbands as per your attire and use them whenever you step out of your home. These headbands and turbans will reduce roughness caused by dryness and shall also help in keeping your hair color intact.

Use Turbans and Headbands

4. Apply Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is used for taking care of different types of hair problems since ages. If you apply coconut oil on your hair during the summer, your hair shall remain soft and will also help in maintaining hair color naturally. Heat some coconut oil in a pan apply it on your scalp and hair. Applying coconut oil in the scalp will remain nourished, reducing hair dryness and roughness which is quite a problem during the summer.

Apply Coconut Oil

5. Apply Moisturizer Daily:

It is important to moisturize your hair daily in the summer, especially when your hair is colored as hair tends to get rough and dehydrated due to the heat. You can prepare an effective homemade moisturizer by combining equal quantities of olive oil and almond oil. You can also apply argan oil which is excellent for nourishing colored hair and keeps the hair soft and nourished.

Apply Moisturizer Daily

6. Use a Summer Hat:

A good way to keep your hair healthy and soft during summer is by keeping it covered. If you are not fond of headbands or scarves, you can use a summer hat. These hats look pretty and are quite attractive. These help in enhancing your appearance and add to your style statement while keeping your hair protected and safe during summer.

Use a Summer Hat