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6 DIY Ways To Make Your Hair Stronger And Smoother

It is not always frizzy hair that needs to be smooth, sometimes, we have rough hair and hair that has undergone the wrath of sunlight. Even such hair needs some treatment. Rather than going for treatment, why not to follow the hair care tips given down here. All these tips are based upon personal experience. I can say it with confidence that these tips worked a lot for my hair and will do the same for yours as well. Not just smooth but following these tips regularly will make the hair shiny and ultra- smooth like no parlor can give you. Do follow these at home and flaunt your style and your hair both.

Here Are 5 DIY Ways To Make Your Hair Stronger And Smoother

1. Aloe Vera And Honey

Oil has its benefits while natural ingredients like aloe vera and honey has its own. These natural ingredients can replace the oils and make hair ultra-soft like nobody’s. You will find its effectiveness once you start using it. Extract gel from a fresh aloe vera stem and add it into 2 teaspoon of natural honey. Mix properly and then apply on your hair from scalp to hair tip. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash off with your daily shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo you use is natural and does not form too much lather.

Aloe Vera And Honey

2. Yoghurt

The main purpose of using yoghurt for frizzy hair it its anti-fungal and anti-frizz properties that makes frizzy hair soft once gain. So lush in vitamin C, yoghurt helps in making hair nourished and also deep-conditions it. Make sure that you don’t stop its usage till you feel that you have met your desired extent of soft hair. Before washing your hair, apply a thick coat of natural yoghurt on your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap. You may even tie your hair into ponytail. Leave for 30 minutes minimum and then rinse off with a mild shampoo. Follow every time you plan to shampoo your hair.


3. Coconut Oil

Although, I like using it for face but it can also be used for hair purpose. Use it on your regular shampooing day and find your hair becoming much softer and shiny. You don’t believe it, try using it. And yes, for best and faster results, you may mix it with olive oil. Add equal amount of olive oil and coconut oil in a bowl. Mix properly and then apply everywhere on your hair form tip to scalp. Cover with a shower cap and then rinse off with a mild shampoo. Don’t break the habit, till you get the desired soft hair.

Coconut Oil

4. Honey

Honey, also known as the natural humectant or a moisturizer first adds moisture to the frizzy hair and then puts life in it. Don’t think that you will gain ultra-smooth hair in a few use only. You will have to use it whenever you shampoo your hair without making any changes. You will find the hair losing fizziness and get back to life slowly and slowly. Before you shampoo your hair, add 2 teaspoon full of natural honey and add in 2 cups full of warm water. Wet your hair with this solution and keep for 20 minutes before you finally wash it off with a mild shampoo. You may use warm water to shampoo your hair.


5. Mayonnaise

For many, it might appear a weird remedy, but mayonnaise made from the natural ingredients like eggs etc. is so packed with amino acid, anti-oxidants and proteins that it makes the hair shiny, soft and stronger than ever. With its usage, you will experience much less hair fall and ultra-smooth hair that will becomes everybody’s focus of the eyes. Use full fat mayonnaise on your hair. Damp your hair first and then apply everywhere on your hair. Keep for 30 minutes and then wash it off with your daily shampoo. Follow, whenever you shampoo your hair.


6. Egg

Egg, I must say is even my secret of soft hair. Losing frizzy hair with egg white solution will becomes easier, if you use it during every hair wash. Egg is also full of protein that it will help in solving hair problems like hair fall, and add not only softness but shine as well. Using it always, puts life in every hair strand of yours and you will find your hair becoming beautiful in every aspect. Rather than using plain egg white solution, mix it with olive oil and then use on your hair. Focus your scalp first and then your hair tip. Cover with a shower cap for 1 hour and then do away with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.