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6 DIY Ways To Manage Gestational Diabetes

When it comes to gestational diabetes also referred to as pregnancy diabetes, you can manage the same at home with simple remedies. The most common cause of these includes not exercising, metabolic changes in the body and the pregnant women over indulging in all kinds of foods. But if you eat sensibly and restrict your unhealthy food intake, you can actually manage this problem.

Here Are 6 DIY Ways To Manage Gestational Diabetes

1. Eat High Fibre Foods

Though most fruits are sweeter in taste, these cherries also contain a tartness and components that are known for controlling diabetes and insulin levels in the body. In fact, these are also high in fibre, which is known for boosting your overall health and this in turn controls diabetes during pregnancy too. It has been seen that both vegetables and fruits that are high in fibre help in balancing your glycemic thus cobtrolling risks for the same [1].

Eat High Fibre Foods

2. Exercise

There is no doubt that obesity is one of the primary causes of gestational diabetes and whether you like it or not, exercise is perhaps one of the best ways of managing the same. Even during your pregnancy, there are many different kinds of exercises that you can do, especially walking and yoga. Not only are these two safe but are known for reducing diabetic risks in pregnant women. Walking has cardio vascular functions that helps in balancing insulin levels in the body as a result of this you can control the same. Yoga on the other hand is safe for the mother and child but helps in releasing enzymes that combat the same [2].


3. Avoid Processed Foods

Whether you like it or not, the label that say that you can eat the sugar-free processed foods are actually not true. Most of these contain different kinds of preservatives that conceal hidden sugar. Furthermore, they are also rich in sodium and other substances that are known for increasing your diabetic risks. On the whole, anything from processed juices to canned beans are going to increase your chance of getting gestational diabetes [3].

Avoid Processed Foods

4. Drink Lots Of Water

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist for someone to let you know this. Gestational diabetes risks are reduced by drinking more of water as it helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Basically the more water you drink, the faster your digestive system works and gets rid of the unhealthy sugars in your body [4].

Drink Lots Of Water

5. Watch Your Carbs

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a beautiful time and you must enjoy it. But it doesn’t imply that you should eat more of carbs or have an overload. In this reference there are good and bad carbs that are available from various kinds of food sources. For instance, the carbs found in oats, barely, etc. are healthy and complex carb that the body needs time to break down. As a result, they are healthy for you. But carbs, especially refined flour found in breads, pasta, etc. is now. So make sure that you strike a balance between the same. Switch over to brown rice and pasta instead [5].

Watch Your Carbs

6. Switch To Healthy Fats

You need healthy fats for you baby but it doesn’t imply that only processed oils are your friend here. In fact, there are many kinds of nuts like cashew, walnuts, etc. along with fruits like avocado that are known for giving you a healthy dose of fat. So switch over to them instead and manage gestational diabetes risks [6].

Switch To Healthy Fats