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6 DIY Ways To Tackle Black Toenail Problem

Black toenail is not uncommon and occurs all across the globe. The nails slowly turn black in color, at times there is an inflammation and slight itching. Though the condition is not serious, it tends to get a bit embarrassing. There are a number of easy DIY ways by which you can tackle this problem. These methods are easy, simple and do not have any side effects. Black toenail is often caused by mold or yeast which is taken care by these home remedies. You will be able to tackle the problem quite effectively.

Here Are Some DIY Ways To Tackle Black Toenail Problem:

1. Apply Vinegar Paste

Vinegar is known for its acidic nature. It gets under the nails and helps in attacking the fungus which causes the problem. A vinegar paste is quite effective in reducing the effects of the fungus. You need to prepare a paste of flour and vinegar. The mixture has to be thick and smooth. Apply this paste on the affected nail. You can also keep your foot wrapped using a cellophane. This shall prevent the paste from dripping all over. You can leave this paste for thirty minutes and then wash your feet.


Apply Vinegar Paste

2. Apply Coconut Oil

This is an easy way to tackle black toenail problem without the use of harsh chemicals or worrying about side effects. Coconut oil is rich in fatt acids which naturally inserts itself in the fat layer of the difficult fungal membrane and starts to disturb it. You need only coconut oil for this remedy. Use gloves if you wish. Take some coconut oil in your fingers and rub it in the affected area. Let the coconut oil get absorbed into the nail. Allow it to dry naturally. You can repeat this application at least three times in a day.

Coconut Oil

3. Wear Socks

If you suffer from black toenail problems, you will be aggravating it, if you are walking around your home barefooted. You need to wear socks, which will keep away moisture and dirt particles from the affected nails. If your nails are dry, they will stay healthy. Fungus and bacteria tends to attack moist areas.

Wear Socks

4. Soak Feet In Warm Water

In a tumbler you will need some warm water. Your feet should be able to dip in the water. In this warm water add a few drops of vinegar. Soak your feet in this warm water for at least thirty minutes. Once done, pat your feet completely dry. Do this each day and you will be able to reduce the problem a lot.

Warm Water

5.Try Organo Oil Massage

Oregano oil is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals, just like tea tree oil which is equally effective in tackling black toenail related problems. You can apply oregano oil directly on the nails. Massage the area for three to four minutes. You can apply the oil five to six times in a day, at least for 21 days. You will soon start noticing the difference.

Organo Oil Massage

6. Baking Soda Application

Baking soda is a miracle product and helps the skin in getting rid from a number of problems. You need to prepare a baking soda paste using one tablespoon baking soda and some water. Apply this mixture on your wet toenail. Cover it completely and allow the mixture to dry. Once dry, you can remove it using warm water. Pat your feet dry. Use this application four times in a week and you will soon see a difference.

Baking Soda