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6 DIY Ways To Use Honey And Lemon For Healthy Skin And Body

Honey and lemon make a great combination and help to take care of your body in several ways. This is a unique combination which is not just good for your skin and hair health, it helps to take care of your overall body. You can use honey and lemon in many ways for a healthy body. You can use it as a face pack, as a health drink, for your hair health and even to get a natural healthy glowing skin. There are no side effects of using this combination and this is an inexpensive way to take care of your overall health.

Here Are Some DIY Ways To Use Honey And Lemon For Healthy Skin And Body

1. Skin Lightening Pack

Honey and lemon combine to form a wonderful pack which helps in lightening your skin. You need to mix equal amounts of honey and lime and give the mixture a good stir. When both the ingredients are well mixed, you can apply the pack on your body. It will help in lightening the skin tone, help to keep your skin supple and glowing.

 Skin Lightening Pack

2. Health Drink

How do you start your day every morning? A healthy drink can be prepared with lime and honey which will not just cleanse your stomach but is also quite effective in detoxifying your body. You need a glass of warm water, mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice. You can have this drink every day for complete health and fitness. This is also a great way to lose extra calories.

Health Drink

3. Anti Acne Pack

Do pimples and acne bother you? If acne and pimples have been a big problem for you, you need to prepare a simple pack with honey and lime as the main ingredients. You will need one tablespoon gram flour, one teaspoon honey, and one teaspoon lime juice. Mix all the ingredients well and apply this pack on all the affected areas. This pack will help in absorbing excessive oil from the skin, reduce the risk of infection and also reduces inflammation. This pack is inexpensive and has no side effects which help in reducing the acne.

Anti Acne Pack

4. Refreshing Drink

How does it feel to have a refreshing honey and lemon drink? You can prepare several kinds of refreshing drinks using lemon and honey as the main ingredients. You can prepare a few smoothies too with the combination which are equally good. Such a drink is healthy, refreshing, easy to prepare and healthy at the same time.

 Refreshing Drink

5. Blackhead Remover

If blackheads are a major concern for you, here is a great solution. You no longer have to buy costly creams and packs to remove your blackhead. You can easily prepare an effective blackhead remover, which will help in keeping away blackheads. You need to cut a lemon into two halves and add one spoonful of honey in it. You can then rub it on your skin and specific spots. You can massage this lemon on the affected areas. This will help in getting rid of all blackheads which look ugly.

Blackhead Remover

6. Skin Softner

Do you suffer from rough and dry skin problems? To soften your skin and add a natural glow, you need to add lemon and honey to your beauty packs, which you prepare at home. You can add them to fuller’s earth or gram flour or sandalwood powder to prepare a wonderful skin softner. You can use this pack regularly and enjoy the many health benefits.

Skin Softner