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6 Easy Homemade Banana And Sugar Facial Scrubs And Skin Smoothness

Homemade scrubs are suitable for all skin types and the best part is that you can prepare these using just two or three basic ingredients which are easily available at homes. Banana is one of the most common fruit which is easily available, along with sugar. You can prepare your daily scrub, with just these two as basic ingredients. The scrub will not just exfoliate your skin but will be soft on your skin, will keep it nourished and help your skin stay soft and healthy.

You do not have to spend your hard earned money on store-bought scrubs, because you can prepare this quick scrub even when you are in a hurry or even when you are traveling.

Here Are 6 Easy Homemade Banana And Sugar Facial Scrubs And Skin Smoothness:

1. Banana and Sugar:

This is the simplest scrub which you can prepare at home when you have nothing else and you need that instant cleansing. To prepare this, you need three tablespoons of banana slices, well blended. There shouldn’t be any lumps. Now, add a teaspoon of sugar and your scrub is ready. Mix for a few seconds and apply the scrub. Gently massage gently so that you are able to remove dead skin cells and other pollutants. Remove the scrub with normal water.

Banana and Sugar

2. Honey, Banana and Sugar Scrub:

Do you have blackheads around your nose and chin area? Does your skin feel uneven and rough? This facial scrub is specially suitable for such a type of skin which helps in getting rid of the blackheads, smoothens and softens the skin. Once the blackheads and dead skin cells are removed, the skin becomes soft and healthy. To prepare the pack, you need one whole banana, mashed well so that there are no lumps.

Add one teaspoon sugar and two tablespoons of honey. Mix the ingredients well and apply the pack on your face. The sugar crystals will work as an exfoliator while honey and banana will work to nourish and soften your skin. Apply this pack two times in a week for a soft and smooth skin.

Honey, Banana and Sugar Scrub

3. Sugar, Banana and Milk Scrub:

Does your skin look dull and boring? Your skin perhaps just needs a protein boost. This scrub is especially suitable for those who often feel uncomfortable with how their skin looks. This scrub contains the goodness of milk protein which helps in nourishing the skin from deep within, keeps the skin hydrated and soft. Slice a few pieces of ripe banana and one tablespoon of milk in this. Blend the milk and banana so that you have a smooth consistency and there are no lumps. Once done, you can add one tablespoon of sugar in this.

Mix well and apply the scrub on your face. Massage the scrub on your face, gently and in a circular motion. This will help in removing dead skin cells and blackheads. You can remove the pack after thirty minutes.

Sugar, Banana and Milk Scrub

4. Banana, Sugar and Yogurt Scrub

This is another quick fix for those who are not happy with their skin texture or health. Bananas are rich in a number of minerals and vitamins which help in achieving healthy and soft skin. Yogurt helps to cleanse the skin, tightens the skin and naturally smoothens the skin. To prepare the scrub, you need one whole banana sliced into a number of pieces. Add one tablespoon of yogurt and blend once again.

You will have a soft and smooth consistency which will improve your skin health and ensure its softness throughout the year. Use his facial scrub three times a week and you will love your soft nourished skin.

Banana, Sugar and Yogurt Scrub

5. Butter, Gram Flour, Sugar, and Banana Scrub

This pack is suitable for all those who have problems of a rough and dry skin. Butter is a natural skin nourisher and softener. It helps to smoothen and soften any kind of skin. Banana and butter combine to form the best nourisher and softener for the skin. To prepare this pack, you need three tablespoons banana pulp ( completely mashed, so that there are no lumps), three tablespoons butter, two tablespoons gram flour and one teaspoon sugar. Before you add the sugar, mix the other three ingredients well.

Add the sugar and give a brief stir. You can then apply this pack on your face and massage lightly. This pack will help in removing all dead skin cells, black, and whiteheads along with different impurities.

Butter, Gram Flour, Sugar, and Banana Scrub

6. Banana, Sugar and Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera helps in keeping the skin healthy, fresh and tackles a number of skin problems. To prepare this pack, you need three tablespoons of banana pulp and four tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Mix well. Add one teaspoon sugar crystals. You can apply this scrub on your face and gently rub for thirty minutes. Remove the scrub with lukewarm water and your face shall be clean and nourished in a short time.

Banana, Sugar and Aloe Vera