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6 Easy Ways To Use Jasmine Green Tea In Your Beauty Regimen

Green tea is most favorite beverage of most of us. No doubt it has tonnes of nutritional properties which makes it a super food. We all love to sip it by adding a dash of lemon juice or honey to it to make it more refreshing. Have you tried the Jasmine Green Tea. Like regular green tea it was also prepared in china first and it is popular all over the world now. You must be sipping chamomile tea to relax and sooth your senses. But with Jasmine green you can sooth your nerves along with other great benefits of green tea. Hence you get stress free mind and a glowing skin. Like regular green tea it is rich is anti oxidants too which is great to control the premature signs of ageing. Would like to know how you can use it to get a better skin?

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Use Jasmine Green Tea In Your Beauty Regimen:

1. Clear Skin With Clear System

People those who are on weight loss mission would understand the benefits of body detoxification. Body detoxification clears the toxins from our system to smooth out the body functions. It speeds up the metabolism and give you a clear skin too. Want to prepare your detoxifying drink? Go and grab the Jasmine Green Tea bag and Put in the hot water. Sip it once it simmers. Apart from regular body cleansing it also helps to decrease the stress levels. Just sip it every morning at empty stomach.

 Clear Skin With Clear System

2. Control The Excess Oil With Toner

Next time when you brew a jasmine green tea store in it the spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. Use this spray as a toner once you done with cleansing on your face. Spray it and wipe off with a cotton to remove the traces of impurities on your face and control the excess oil. This soothing and naturally fragrant toner would instantly refresh your skin and keep it matte for longer.

 Control The Excess Oil With Toner

3. Shrink Your Skin Pores

Got large pores on your skin. Shrink it with Jasmine Green Tea. Brew a fresh Jasmine Green tea and let it cool down. Once done pour it in the ice tray and let it freeze. Rub the cube on your face to minimize the large pores. This method would also help to get rid of bacteria in pores due to the anti bacterial properties of Jasmine green tea. You can also use this ice cubes before putting your make since it would help make up to stay longer.

 Shrink Your Skin Pores

4. Diminish The Acne

Do you know like regular green tea Jasmine green tea too contains anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties? The process of acne diminish involves killing the bacteria and reduce the swelling to shrink its size. Jasmine Green tea helps you to achieve that. Just apply the leftover Jasmine green tea on your acne and just see it getting disappeared within few days.


5. Heal The Sunburn

What would be the best ingredient to soothe your irritated sun burnt skin? Jasmine Green tea has soothing properties which effectively calms the irritated skin and provide relief. Store the fresh brewed jasmine green tea in a spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. Once you back home spray this on your face and other affected area to soothe it immediately.


6. Instant Skin Rejuvenator

Looking for instantly glowing and rejuvenated skin? Give Jasmine Green tea a try. Make a facial mask using one tablespoon of fullers earth and one tablespoon of fresh brewed jasmine green tea. Spread it on your face and let it do its job for 15 minutes. Splash your face with cold water to remove the mask and pat dry. You should see an instantly glowing skin. This masks also helps to keep your face shine free for longer. Do try it.

 Skin Rejuvenator