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6 Elevating Grape Based Face Packs For Skin Revitalization

There is something always cool about eating a grape. It certainly differs from the other fruits and most of the times grape lovers would leave no stone upturned to show the world of their association with grapes. Well, that’s because grapes are really one of the most chilled out fruits in the plant universe. They have the potential to bring down the body temperature and also help in removing toxins that get accumulated in the body. No doubt that in some cultures, grapes is always a part of the staple diet. They are also getting increasingly popular as a routine ingredient among spas and therapists. We are talking about the grape face packs here. They are loaded with antioxidants and reactivates the oxygenating process of your cells – thus they are beneficial in controlling aging and wrinkles drastically. It can also act as an excellent cleanser for your skin and also takes care in controlling acne and pimples. You don’t have to hit the spa every time you feel like getting a grape therapy. We have detailed some homemade grape facial pack recipes that can be extremely beneficial for your skin and face, irrespective of the skin type. Let us have a look at some of them.

6 Grape Based Face Packs For Skin Revitalization:

1. Grape and Kiwi Face Pack

A kiwi fruit apart from its taste has packs of anti-inflammatory properties and is a good source of antioxidants that enrich your skin. Scoop out the pulp of a kiwi fruit and mix it with some freshly extracted grape juice or pulp. To get the grape pulp simply mash the grapes to a crush and extract its juice. Add a dash of honey and mix it to get a thick fine paste. After washing, apply this mixture on your face and gently cover all the areas. 20 minutes later rinse well to get a lustrous and bountiful looking face.

Grape and Kiwi Face Pack

2. Grape And Oatmeal Face Pack

One of the best benefits of using oatmeal is that you can use it as an exfoliating agent as well as a scrub due to its coarseness. Get hold of three tablespoons of crushed oatmeal powder and mix it with some freshly extracted grape juice. Add a generous dash of honey and form a fine paste. Use the grape pulp as per the need and do not make the paste very watery.  Apply this as a thick coating to your face and let it soak up for about 30 minutes. Rinse well later and dry it up to feel the coolness to your face. Grape And Oatmeal Face Pack

3. Grape And Banana Face Pack

Grapes can be best used with bananas if you are suffering from dry skin that peels off easily. The fiber rich content in a banana can be very beneficial for your skin if mixed with thick proportions of grape pulp. Mash a banana to a pulp and add generous drops of grape extract to it. To make it even more plentiful, add one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a dash of honey. Mix well to form a fine paste and apply it on your face. Leave it to rest for
about 30 minutes and wash off the residue with lukewarm water or cold water.  Use a mild face conditioner as using banana might turn a bit sticky.

Grape And Banana Face Pack
4. Grape And Strawberry Face Pack

This is one of the best packs to use if you are suffering from loose skin and if your skin loses its elasticity often. Strawberry can tighten the skin and helps a great deal in shrinking the pores. Take 3 to 4 strawberries and make them to a pulp along with equal measures of grape extracts. Now take some raw mint leaves and grind them to make it pulpy. Mix it with the ingredients and form a paste. Note that this paste would be watery; hence ensure that you have proper protection on your clothes before applying this face pack. Apply it generously on your face and skin and after letting it rest for about 30 minutes rinse well. If needed, you can use a mild face moisturizer later, if the skin feels too tight.
Grape and Strawberry Face Pack

5. Grape And Avocado Face Pack

This is one of the straightforward face packs to make and is used when you need to increase the moisture quotient of your skin. Take out the flesh of an avocado fruit and mix it with three tablespoons of grape juice or extracts. Add a little dash of honey- mix well and apply it on your face and skin. Once again – the paste may be watery; hence use proper care. Rinse well after about 20 minutes and towel dry lightly to get a smooth and radiating skin. This face pack can be used regularly.

Grape and Avocado Face Pack

6. Grape And Aloe Vera Face Pack

Aloe Vera has been a staple ingredient in most of the face care and skin products of late. It does not require any introduction as far as the benefits to the skin are concerned. Take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera in its gel format. Try avoiding the juice format as the paste can become extremely diluted. Now add it to some pulpy grape extracts and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Mix the contents well and after washing your face apply it. Relax for some 20 minutes and rinse well to wash off the effects.

Grape and Aloe Vera Face Pack