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6 Excellent Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Excellent Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis, is an extremely common eye infection, in which the conjunctiva – the thin filmy tissue that lines the inner part of the eyelids and also covers the white portion of the eyes – become highly swollen / inflamed.  Infectious bacterial and viral agents, as well as different kinds of allergens can cause pink eye. Although pink eye is rampant among young children, even adults can contract this eye infection once in a while.  Pink eye condition can cause a lot of discomfort ranging from epiphora (excessively watery eyes), to excruciating pain, itchiness and redness of the eyes. There are numerous invaluable home remedies to treat pink eye, and few of these remedies are discussed below.

6 Beneficial Home Remedies to Treat Pink Eye Condition:

1. Honey

Honey may sound like an unorthodox treatment, but it is nonetheless an extremely beneficial home remedy to ease the discomfort caused by pink eye condition. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of raw honey will kill the infectious agents which can cause pink eye. For this particular home remedy, simply dilute one teaspoon of raw honey in a cup of boiled and cooled water. Now put two to three drops of this solution in each eye, with the help of a sterilized eye dropper. Even though the honey solution can initially cause some discomfort in the form of stinging sensation in the eyes, this home remedy will ultimately ease the inflammation and reduce the pain in the eyes. Repeat this home remedy two to three times a day to hasten the healing process.


2. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are a great natural cure for pink eyes. Studies have revealed that fennel seeds contain specific compounds, which can be used to treat numerous eye conditions including conjunctivitis or pink eye. An eye wash prepared from slightly crushed fennel seeds can reduce the numerous symptoms associated with pink eye condition in next to no time.

To prepare the fennel seed eye wash, boil two heaped teaspoons of slightly crushed fennel seeds in half a liter of water.  Now allow the water to cool down and then strain the fennel seeds. Transfer the fennel seed water to a clean container. Splash your eyes with this solution to get relief from the itchiness and pain.

Fennel Seeds

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3. Warm Compress

To get temporary relief from the symptoms which are commonly associated with conjunctivitis or pink eye condition, apply a warm compress. A warm compress can improve the blood flow to the eyes. This in turn will kick start the body’s innate defense and repair mechanism. Dip a clean face towel in a bowl of warm water. Wring out the excess water. Now place the warm towel against the infected eye. Repeat the process a couple of times till you experience relief from the itchiness and the pain.

Warm Compress

4. Cold Tea Bags

To treat acute conjunctivitis you can place cold green or black tea bags against the eyes. The cold tea bags can help to reduce the inflammation caused by acute conjunctivitis. For this particular home remedy, simply dip a fresh tea bag in a bowl of clean water. Squeeze the tea bag to remove the excess water. Place the tea bag in the freezer for fifteen to twenty minutes. Now hold the cold tea bag against the infected eye for a couple of minutes. You will experience great relief from the itchy sensation and the pain.

Cold Tea Bags

5. Raw Potato Poultice

The humble potato has innumerable astringent and anti-bacterial properties which is extremely beneficial for treating contagious eye conditions including pink eye. Placing raw grated potato against the infected eye can heal pink eye condition in next to no time. Peel a raw potato and grate it finely. Now place the grated potato in a clean muslin cloth. Tie the ends of the cloth tightly and place it over the infected eye. Allow the potato poultice to remain over the infected eye for five to seven minutes. Repeat this home remedy a couple of times a day till the pink eye condition abates.

Raw Potato Poultice

6. Coffee

Coffee is an unconventional, nonetheless effective home remedy to treat pink eye condition. A homemade eye wash prepared from coffee granules can soothe the symptoms of pink eye. To prepare this unique home remedy for pink eye, boil one cup of water. Add two pinches of coffee to the hot water. Allow the water to cool completely. Now rinse your eyes thoroughly with the coffee eye wash. You will experience immense relief from the   unpleasant symptoms which are associated with pink eye.