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6 Foods To Completely Avoid When You Have Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the few conditions that are a part of our life no matter how careful we are about what we eat and what we digest. It affects all walks of life and one can strongly say that apart from cold it is one of the frustrating ailments known to us – humans. They cause recurrent bowel movements and in many instances these movements may be watery and semi fluid. They also in some cases cause the swelling of the abdomen and this also brings along a dull pain when we pass the stools. The average diarrhea conditions in us last for about a day or two and trust us; this makes us extremely weak and drawn off our energy. It can also indicate a serious bowel disorder if the symptoms persist for more than a few days. It depends on several factors and even the stress levels we endure contribute towards it. In some cases, the drugs or medications which we use can also have a negative impact and can lead to diarrhea. Majorly it affects us due to the diet we have. The food we intake sometimes do not get accepted by our body and this, in turn, can lead to the symptoms that can result in diarrhea. There are some foods that you have to conditionally avoid if you want to minimize the chances. We have given below some foods that should never be taken when you are suffering from diarrhea. Just check them out.

Some Foods To Completely Avoid When You Have Diarrhea:

1. Milk

First things first! Irrespective of how much milk may be beneficial to you, avoid them at all cost during diarrhea. Milk is rich in lactose and this is something that your intestines may not be able to handle during the period. Not only milk but you may have to avoid milk based products such as cottage cheese, cream, and ice creams. The lactose present in these foods can go directly to your large intestines and can worsen the condition. The same goes for people who are lactose intolerant. Try out lactose-free yogurt or hard cheese in case you really cannot stay away from milk based products- But on the whole, try avoiding them.


2. Coffee

Diarrhea, no doubt makes you weak and having a cup of coffee can give you an adrenaline boost. But that is not in comparison to its side effects. Having caffeine during diarrhea is a strict no and the reasons are plenty. Caffeine aggravates the dehydration of your body. This, in turn, can contribute to the loose stools. Also, caffeine, in general, may not be beneficial for your large intestine during diarrhea and this indirectly worsens the condition. Not only coffee but stay away from caffeine related products like soda or aerated drinks until the symptoms get better.


3. Citrus Fruits

Having citrus based fruits even in moderate quantities is also not advisable when you have diarrhea. Citrus fruits like pineapples, grapes and oranges have high fructose contents and they do not do any good to improve the diarrhea symptoms. It in a way worsens the condition. It is also not advisable even to have citrus based juices when you diarrhea. Stay away from such fruits at all cost when you are suffering from diarrhea. You can alternate it with watermelon, that can help in rehydration.

 Citrus Fruits

4. Peppers

Pepper and other spices are known to contain a compound that can trigger diarrhea. It is no doubt that peppers are good for your health but avoid them completely during the period of diarrhea. It can hurt the lining of your stomach and also results in ingestion. It may also weaken your digestive system and this does not reduce the symptoms of diarrhea. Avoid foods that are loaded with such spices and completely refrain from taking anything spicy during those periods. Even when you get relieved, avoid eating spicy foods and foods loaded with pepper for a week at least.


5. Red Meat

Red meat is definitely one food that has great nutritional values but the hiccup is that they are hard to digest and are not recommended during bouts of diarrhea. They also contain Reactive C- proteins that are known to be inflammatory and can affect your digestive system. Inflammation during the times of diarrhea can simply worsen it. Also, heavy consumption of red meat has been linked to heart ailments and diabetes. Simply refrain from such meats and do not take even limited portions too during the period of diarrhea.

Red Meat

6. Nuts

Nuts are great but they are not advisable during diarrhea. The reason being that nuts are rich in fiber and any fiber rich foods should not be taken in under such circumstances. Nuts are also not that great to digest and they can affect the inner linings of the stomach and especially your intestines. This can irritate the upset stomach and can result in prolongation of diarrhea. It is best to substitute nuts with cooked vegetable and fruits. Also, avoid fiber rich fruits such as banana when you have such symptoms.