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6 Hair Growth Secrets From All Around The World

We all dream of flaunting long , silky and strong hair. We try every remedy and product to take care of it.Do you know there are many hidden remedies and secrets around the world which people swear by to get healthy and beautiful hair. Most of us spend bomb to use those chemical laded products. While people from the other part of world use various remedies and ingredients to take care of their hair. We can try to incorporate those remedies and ingredients in our hair care regimen. Today we would be discussing about those secrets from all around the world for beautiful and long hair. So lets have a look.

Here Are Some Hair Growth Secrets From All Around The World

1. Coconut Oil By India

We all Indian beauties swear by this magical elixir to take care of our hair [1] . If you ever look in to the indian tradition most of the people pamper their hair with coconut oil. They have been using this since ages. One of the method which they follow is apply coconut oil all over the hair as well as roots and braid the hair to keep it nourished. Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids and anti oxidants which provides deep nourishment to the hair and protect it from the environmental damage.

Coconut Oil By India

2. Black Castor By Jamaica

We all know the goodness of Castor oil. Most of us have been using it to get thicker and longer hair [2] . Jamaicans swear by the Black Castor oil which is cold pressed . Hence it helps to get them black and stronger hair. Apart from Black Castor they also include Sap from Tuna plant and Aloe vera to take care of their mane.

Black Castor

3. Argan Oil And Rhassoul By Morocco

Who is not aware of Argan oil? I am sure every one does. Argan oil is known as the magical elixir for skin as well as for hair. Moroccan beauties pamper their hair with argan oil to keep it nourished [3] . They also use Rhassoul to deeply cleanse the scalp. The clean and nourished scalp promotes the healthy hair growth.

Argan Oil And Rhassoul

4. Seaweed And Algae By Japan

Most of you must have tried the seaweed infused facial masks and body spa [4] . But have you ever thought that these sea algae can be also used to get longer and beautiful hair as well ? Japanese beauties rely on the seaweed and algae to get the healthy and longer hair. They swear by the seaweed infused hair care products to take care of their traces.

Seaweed And Algae

5. Ginger And Mustard By Saudi Arabia

You must be surprised how these spices can help you in hair growth [5] . Ginger actually helps to get faster hair growth by improving the blood circulation under your scalp and must helps to add shine to your hair. Arabian beauties use Ginger and Mustard to take care their long mane and keep it healthy. They prefer to use the hair mask which is made by using ginger and mustard.

Ginger And Mustard

6. Fermented Black Rice Water From China

Fermented Black Rice Water for hair ? Surprising isn’t it ? Chinese beauties swear by this to get long and healthy hair. Fermented Rice Water helps to stimulate the hair growth [6] . Apart from this it also adds a great shine to the hair. Above this Chinese beauties also believe in “No Haircut”. They prefer to cut their hair only once in a life time.

Fermented Black Rice Water

Let us know if you are aware of more such secrets for Long and strong hair.