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6 Helpful Home Remedies For Pyorrhoea

Home Remedies For Pyorrhoea

Pyorrhoea is an advanced stage of gum disease in which the gums that provide sustenance and support to the teeth becomes damaged, inflamed and swollen. The accumulated microbial toxins in the mouth weaken the skin surrounding the roots of teeth and cause a shatter in our immune system. This leads to a break down in the nerves and connective tissues that hold the teeth. This results in eventual loss of teeth. This is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. It also initiates shrinkage of gums and formation of pus. In severe cases, the gums become seriously inflamed and swollen which disrupts the proper functioning of stomach due to too much of pus. Many other problems may ensue like the formation of sepsis that disturbs our digestive system. It can also lead to liver problems. One by one our whole system may get affected. There are many home remedies available for this issue. However consult a doctor if your condition gets acute.

Here Is A List Of Beneficial Home Therapies For Pyorrhoea:

1. Lemon and Lime:

These fruits are often used in various home remedies since it contains numerous beneficial factors for our health [1]. The high amounts of vitamin C in lemon and lime makes them useful for pyorrhoea. Increase the intake of these fruits in your daily life. They can promote a faster healing process of inflammations of gum margins. Plus, they are able to intensify and toughen our teeth and gums.

Lemon and Lime

2. Garlic and Honey:

Take 4 garlic cloves and grind them [2]. You can add a few drops of water before grinding. Obtain the juice and mix it with a little honey. Consume this mixture on a regular basis as it is one of the ideal remedies for pyorrhoea.

Garlic and Honey

3. Spinach Juice:

Another useful natural therapy for gum disease is spinach juice [3]. The juice obtained from raw spinach not only improves gum problems but also able to prevent the occurrence of pyorrhoea. For more effective results, you can mix spinach juice with carrot juice. Take 125ml from each juice and combine them. This concoction can be taken on a daily basis. Follow this remedy properly and get improved gum and teeth.

Spinach Juice

4. Banyan Tree:

The prop root obtained from banyan trees is very useful for this issue [4]. Use this root to brush your teeth twice a day. It can reduce toothache and can hinder the bacterial formation around the teeth. Other than that, tender branches and twigs obtained from neem trees can be used for the same reason. This is an ancient method of brushing teeth. Our ancestors preferred twigs rather than brushes and they proved to have stronger teeth than us.

Banyan Tree

5. Wheat:

Consumption of wheat is essential for people suffering from pyorrhoea since it contains fiber and other nutrients that can nourish our teeth and stomach [5]. It can prevent gum disease and is useful as a treatment for this ailment. Eat a lot of wheat bread or wheat chapattis. Since you have to chew them properly, wheat can provide a proper exercise for your teeth and gum. Plus, it also solves the indigestive problems caused by the sepsis in severe pyorrhoea.


6. Guava:

Have some unripe guava and chew them [6]. It is a great tool in stopping the bleeding issues caused by gum disease since guava contains styptic effect and high content of vitamin C. Instead, you can also chew down some guava leaves. Choose soft and tender leaves as they are more effective in retaining the health of our gums and teeth. You can also prepare a decoction of the root bark and use it as a mouth wash habitually. It can decrease swollen gums and inflammations.