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6 Homemade Coffee Powder and Milk Packs For Beautiful Clear Skin

Can you imagine a life without your favorite coffee? Coffee is something we cannot miss. Do you know that coffee is not just good to drink, but coffee makes an excellent facial pack. There are several beauty benefits of coffee and it is often used in the making of lotions, body butter, creams, packs, masks and more. The good news is that, all these packs can be prepared at home, in a short time and with a few basic ingredients which are easily available at home. Your skin benefits in several ways. Prepare these easy homemade coffee packs at home and be ready for a beautiful and clear skin.

Here Are 6 Homemade Coffee Powder And Milk Packs For Beautiful Clear Skin:

1. Cocoa, Milk and Coffee Pack:

Cocoa is rich in free radicals and antioxidants which help to keep the skin clear and beautiful. Coffee helps in taking care of a number of problems like puffy eyes and even dark circles. To prepare the pack, you need three tablespoons of coffee and one teaspoon of cocoa. Add a few tablespoons of milk to prepare a paste. You can then apply the pack on your face. Massage lightly in a circular motion and let the pack remain for thirty minutes. You can then remove the pack. Regular application of the pack will keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Cocoa, Milk and Coffee Pack

2. Coffee and Milk Cream Pack:

Is your skin rough and dry? This delicious coffee and milk cream pack will soften your skin and make it beautiful. Coffee will help in cleansing your skin and shall keep it free from infections, rashes and inflammation, while milk cream will nourish it internally and keep it soft and hydrated. You need three tablespoons milk cream and two tablespoons coffee. Mix well so that the coffee is completely mixed with the milk cream.

You should have a brown colored pack. Use a brush to apply the pack on your skin. Leave it for twenty minutes and then remove the pack. This is often referred to as an instant care pack, as the results are quick.

Coffee and Milk Cream Pack

3. Sugar, Milk and Coffee:

An important part of our beauty routine is scrubbing and cleansing. There are several coffee scrubbers and masks available, which are known to cleanse our skin. To prepare this cleansing scrub, you need one tablespoon of coffee, one teaspoon of sugar and a little milk. Mix and apply this pack on your skin. Sugar is a natural scrub and when mixed with coffee, it works as a natural skin cleanser. It helps in removing dead skin cells, opens clogged pores and improves skin health. You need to gently rub the pack for 2-3 minutes and then remove the pack after twenty minutes. Your skin shall feel soft, nourished, clear and beautiful.

Sugar, Milk and Coffee

4. Yogurt, Milk Coffee and Oatmeal Pack:

Coffee and oatmeal are both known for their skin cleansing and exfoliating properties. Yogurt helps in getting a beautiful, soft and smooth skin. This is a super effective pack which helps in taking care of the skin in more than one way. You need one tablespoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of oatmeal and milk, one teaspoon coffee and if you have dry skin problems, you can add some honey too.

Mix well and apply this pack on your skin. Massage gently, which will help in removing dead skin cells and impurities. Coffee and yogurt will tighten your skin, improve its pH balance and offer a beautiful skin. You can use this pack three times in a week.

Yogurt, Milk Coffee and Oatmeal Pack

5. Raw Milk, Coffee and Honey Pack:

This pack is suitable for all those times when you need to quickly improve your skin, cleanse it and feel soft. This is quick pack for all those who need a quick remedy. You need three tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of coffee and one tablespoon of raw milk. Give the mixture a stir so that all ingredients are well combined. You can use a cotton ball to apply the pack on your skin. It is quite like dabbing the skin again and again so that the pack is slowly absorbed into the skin.

Milk is rich in proteins which offer a rejuvenated and fresh look to the skin. Honey will reduce risks of skin infection, bacteria, and inflammation. You can later clean your skin with fresh water.

Raw Milk, Coffee and Honey Pack

6. Coffee, Milk and Butter Pack:

This pack is more like a skin softener and is best suitable for dry and rough skin. You need three tablespoons of butter, one teaspoon of milk, and one teaspoon coffee. Mix so that the coffee is completely incorporated in the butter and milk. Refrigerate the pack for ten minutes and then apply. This is an instant skin nourishing pack which will give you a beautiful clear skin with a few applications.

Coffee, Milk and Butter Pack